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Ninja Scroll-Type Game

Ninja Scroll-type Game


This is a pvp(vm) GMless game.

Character Creation

You have 3 core stats:
Brutal is for how hard you can hit, how many hits you can take, how direct you are in a conversation
Quick is how hard you are to hit, how deftly you can strike your opponent, how wily a conversant you are
Weird is how abhumanity protects you from harm, how you can twist reality to your will, how canny a conversant you are

Either d6 -3 or simply assign.
If you assign, the range ought to be from -2 to 3, and the average should be no more than 0.

One of these stats is your favored stat. Is your Ninja characteristically brutal, quick or weird. “FS”

That is: if your FS is Weird, then you likely attack in a weird way – maybe with magic, or wires or bugs that shoot out of your back or something.

These in turn generate the 5 secondary stats :
is 3 + Quick + Armor
if Brutal is 1 or greater:
               is 6 + d6
if Brutal is less than 1:
               Is 3 + d6
is FS + Brutal
Is FS + Quick +Weapon
is FS in yards. You can move this direction anywhere in a 3d plane as long as you end your movement in steady footing. Unsteady footing requires a Quick check.
You also have a Jutsu. Using it awards 2x your level XP. Your Jutsu can:
Boost one of the above secondary stats by your FS; can be used 1/session
Swap one of the above for the other for a turn; can be used 3/session
Apply a Status Effect to the next melee or ranged attack; can be used 2/session
Heal yourself or an ally for 1+ (d3 x your level) damage; can be used 2/session

Your Jutsu also has a theme. All Jutsu you acquire will be on the same theme. The theme will be situationally useful and should include two status effects (for example, a swamp jutsu might have slowing and poisonous effects). Jutsu also always start in opposition to one other Jutsu. Declare this during character creation (literally: this Jutsu opposes your Jutsu here). Opposition should be thematically appropriate. Killing your arch enemy (Ninja with opposed Jutsu) comes with bonus XP. After this victory you need not pick another opposed Jutsu, though you can.


Ninja Name

Player Name














Ugly as shit, I know.


Checks are rolled d6 + appropriate stat against the below:
Check Difficulty
Any human could do it
Most humans could do it
Requires some minor skill or luck
Requires quite a lot of skill or luck
Requires expertise or an enormous amount of luck
Requires high levels of expertise
Requires hyper-competence
Require near-superhuman ability
Requires super-human ability
Nigh Impossible
Power Level 5,000!

The table determines the Check Difficulty. The table assigns a difficulty and someone writes it down. This is the difficulty associated with this sort of check forever hence, until adjusted by a table vote. Disagreements break to the winner of a tourney of RPS.
Opposed Checks are rolled using the appropriate stat while the opponent rolls d6 + FS.

Combat & Movement

At the start of every turn, each player rolls d6 + Quick for each of their Ninja. This is establishes the order of play for that turn. In a single turn a Ninja may:
1.   Move up to twice its movement speed;
2. Move up to its movement speed AND: (a) make a melee or (b) range attack or (c) use a Jutsu;
3. As above but foregoing moving (ie, remaining stationary + (a), (b) or (c) above); or
4. Make a melee attack AND a ranged attack

Roll d6 + Melee or d6 + Ranged to attempt to hit a target, depending on the attack. If your roll meets or exceeds the target’s defense, it hits, otherwise it misses.

Cover affords a situational +2 to Defense against Ranged Attacks while a
Superior Position affords a situational +2 to Ranged Attacks
Anything you can see through, attack through counts as cover. Higher ground counts as a superior position.

Brutal + Weapon Damage for Melee weapons
Quick + Ammo Damage for Ranged weapons

Rolling a natural 6 on an attack or using the appropriate type of Jutsu applies a status effect.
Bleeding characters take 2 damage each turn until healed.
Poisoned characters take 1 damage each turn until the game session ends.
Slowed characters move at half speed and suffer -1 to their Initiative rolls
Stunned characters cannot act until they take a turn to steady themselves (which takes a full turn)

Advancing & Death

A Ninja at 0 to -2 health cannot act unless healed.
A Ninja dies when they are reduced to -3 Health. 
A Ninja’s corpse may be looted for half its XP, at a rate of 10 XP x looting Ninja’s level/ a turn. The looting Ninja must be on top of the dead Ninja’s corpse. Looting can be done by ally Ninja, Ninja from opposing teams, Ninja controlled by the same player.

Buying a new level or a new character costs 10 XP x level of bought advance/Ninja.
Killing a Ninja  or Monster grants you 1 XP x their Level + 1.
Killing a Ninja with an opposed Jutsu grants you a 2 XP x their level bonus as you revel in the gore of your slain arch enemy.

At even levels increase a core stat by 1 (max 4) or your health by 2
At odd levels increase health by 1
At every third level either double the amount of times you can use a Jutsu you already know or pick a new Jutsu.


This whole section is handwavey and bullshit until I can think about this more.

Adds to your defense by x
Armor 1
   Paper armor, leather over key areas, an impromptu shield
Armor 2
  Leather armor
Armor 3
   Wood armor, lacquer armor
Armor 4
   Some supernatural shit. the skin of a rock demon, the hide of a dragon, something like that. Mostly just monsters have this.

    Weapons for strangulation and slow dismemberment: wires, traps, toxins injected via tentacles or globules of venomous bile.
    -2 to hit, d2 ongoing damage (once it hits, may be maintained on future turns by using the attack/jutsu portion of attacker's turn, ongoing damage ignores defense)

Small Melee
     Weapons, usually one-handed, used on an adjacent enemy like fists, daggers, swords, whips, chains, etc.
     d3 damage
Huge Melee
     Weapons used with two hands, require Brutal 2 to use. Stuff like tree trunks, huge metal rods, enormous swords, mauls, boulders.
      d6 damage, +1 to hit
    Weapons, usually two-handed, that fire projectiles. Requires Quick 0 to use effectively. May accurately hit up to twice attacker's movement speed (minimum 4 squares). After that, -1 to hit for every square further away. 
        Arrows and bolts: d3 damage
Ridiculous Ranged
     Weapons, always two-handed, that fire enormous projectiles. Requires Brutal 1 and Quick 0 to sue effectively. May accurately hit up to twice attacker's movement speed (minimum 4 squares). After that, -1 to hit for every square further away. 
        Ballista Bolts, Explosive pots, etc: d6 damage


Still figuring this out.
Likely controlled by an opposing Ninja in lieu of having their Ninja move. Effectively sit there like traps to farm. Maybe move on set patterns (though this is likely too complicated).
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