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Someone mentioned not liking Jedi because they seemed to be like, morally superior super heroes. Here is how I think Jedi are cool. Homebrew players will recognize a lot of this.


Requires Wis or Cha of 13

XP requirements as LotFP Fighter. 
You cannot wear armor.

On advance, you are either advancing as Sith or as Jedi. Jedi gain health as normal, Sith do not gain any bonus (but are effected by any penalties) from Con.

Using Force Powers: Mark on your inventory each time you exert mastery and each time you exert attunement (see below). Certain abilities don’t count as a Force power. Many powers are passive (and therefore not used). If used and not otherwise specified, counts as a major action.

Jedi with a bunch of Mastery ought to expect to have to atone.

Jedi use their Wis scoreSith use their ChaJedi are attuned to the Force. Think TaoismSith master the Force. Every time you use a Sith ability, mark mastery on your character’s inventory. Every time you use a Jedi ability, mark attunement on your character’s inventory.

If you're playing with alignment, you must be Lawful.

At Level 1:

1. Starts at +0 to hit and saves as level 1 Fighter, as per LoFTP. 
2. Choose from the below list of Force Powers & Abilities as if you had rolled a 91-92 twice.
3. You can Deflect: You can hold your attack to deflect missiles when armed with a melee weapon; 2 in 6 chance. If using a laser sword you can reflect energy missile back at the enemy as a free action (only one can be reflected in this manner, though many can be deflected) hits at a -3 penalty.

After Level 1:

1. At level two and every level after, roll d100 twice on the below table to determine advancement. 

2. Deflect: 
At level 3, you can do the above, but as a free action during your turn. Holding your attack now increases your chance to deflect to 3 in 6 and the penalty to hit with a reflected energy missile to -1.

At level 6, increase your chance to deflect to 4 in 6, can now reflect 2 attacks.

At level 9, increase your chance to deflect to 5 in 6 and the chance to hit with 2 reflected attacks to +2.

How you Advance and Play:

Option 1: you choose Jedi or Sith at the outset. As Sith, you cannot advance in level if you've used attunement more than mastery. As Jedi, you cannot advance in level if you've use mastery as many times as your level. Erase these totals once you’ve advanced to the next level and start with a clean slate.

Option 2: Your fate is your own. If you have more attunements than Mastery, no effect and can choose to advance on the below as either Sith or Jedi. For every Mastery greater than your attunement, you get a -1 penalty to using force powers and, if you gain enough XP to advance while in this state, you must advance as Sith.

Force Powers & Abilities

1-30. Gain +1 to hit

31-50. Gain +1 to saves

51-60. Mind Bullets (Telekinesis, Kyle). You intuit the vibrations of the world around you and attune yourself to them. You may reach through space, vibrating across the tenuous web of the Force, to interact with something. This can be delicate (flicking an ear, pressing buttons on a keypad, undoing a strap) but cannot lift more weight (in lbs) than your Wisdom Score. Must be visible or be something you’ve seen before (-2 to any associated roll if you’re visualizing rather than looking at it). Lasts a round. Usable 1/day/3 levels without negative effect (each use beyond the limit counts as mastery). Re-rolling doubles the duration or doubles the uses, your choice. Your will tears through the Force and shits all over reality. You can do 1d3+Cha damage to anything in visual range, lift anything four times your Cha or try to Charm someone in sight (bonus for intimdation). Lasts a round. Usable 3/day/3levels. Re-rolling adds three to the uses or adds 3 to the damage done, adds 3 lbs to the amount lifted and +3 to any modifier associated with the Charmed creature.

61-70.  Juuummmmp. You can jump a quarter as far as you can move in a turn. On re-rolling, you can jump half as far as you can move. Can jump every other round. Doesn’t count as a Force power. On a second reroll, Jedi gain +1 to dodges, saves and AC while jumping; on the third and subsequent re-rolls, increase this bonus by +1.  On a second re-roll, Sith shoot through the air like a fucking maniac. Anything that gets in your way takes d3 damage and has to save v paralysis or be stunned. Same with anything you land on or w/in 5’ of where you land (of course, you can also end this with an attack). On third and subsequent rolls, add 1 to the damage and opponents take a 1 penalty to their save.

71-75. Boomerang  You can toss a weapon and have it zip back to you in the same round. Counts as a second attack. +2 bonus to hit the first time you use it against a creature, no bonus after that. Cannot make another attack or use a power during the throw.  On a second reroll, Jedi can throw longer and further, hitting a second target (four attacks in two rounds against two distinct targets) but extending the throw for a round (ie, they’re potentially weaponless on the following round). On third and subsequent rolls, Jedi gain enough poise to dodge incoming attacks (+1 to AC and dodge-related saves), cumulative.  On a second re-roll, Sith can throw longer and further, hitting a second target but extending the throw for a round. On third and subsequent rolls, Sith can keep the magic going, bouncing their weapon around like a crazy magic sword, doing three attacks a round against two-three targets.

76-80. Meld/Force Mind. Your harmonious nature precedes you and those around you feel more at ease. Communication checks with them are made using your Wisdom score and related modifier. On a second and subsequent re-roll you gain a +1 to such interactions or may influence another visible person. Last a day on the affected targets. Usable 1/day/level without negative effect.  You can scour a visible person’s mind for vital information or bend them to your will. You gain +2 to Charisma checks made against them or you can spend a round scanning their mind for useful information (make a charisma check to see if you find anything). +1 to the checks for each subsequent re-roll. Usable 3/day/2 levels. Re-rolling this the fifth time makes it free to use (ie, “always on” if you want).

81-90. Kung Fu Fighting. Add your Wisdom modifier to your AC, on a re-roll, add it to your chance to hit, on third & subsequent re-rolls, increase one or the other by 1.  Add your Charisma modifier to your AC, on a re-roll, add it to your damage, on third & subsequent re-rolls, increase one or the other by 1. If you’re playing with Option 2 advancements, you only get the bonus to AC once.

91-92. The Force be with you. Choose one of the previous advancements (counts as rolling/re-rolling).

93-94. Healing/Lightening. Jedi can mend what should not have been broken. Heal d6 for every three levels. Can repair damage to droids, structural damage, etc. in the same manner. Self-inflicted damage, or damage caused by the natural order of things (one animal hurting another, including creatures of animal intelligence attacking a human) can be healed in this manner, but 50% chance it counts as a Mastery. Usable 3/day without risk. Re rolling adds an additional use.  Force Lightening, motherfucker. Causes d6+1 damage. Increase d6 for every 2 levels. Usable 3/day without risk. After that, it does half damage to you (no save). Re-rolling adds an additional d6 to the damage. 

95. Much training, you have done. Increase Wis/Cha by 1, can be re-rolled.

96. Sudden insight/mastery. Increase Wis by 2, decrease Str by 2. Increase Cha by 3, decrease Con by 2. Cannot be re-rolled.

97. Incredible Speed. Increase your movement speed/rate 50%. Re-rolling adds an extra attack, re-rolling a second time increases your speed another 50%, re-rolling a third time adds another attack, etc, etc.
98. Dash/Pound. 1/combat, you may move your speed instantly (this isn’t teleportation, so you still have to move out of the way of things, can’t avoid pits, etc). 1/combat you may punch something and do (your level)d8 damage. Knocks the struck target back your level x 2 in feet.

99. HEAAAAVVVE. By taking a turn, you can lift something, bend bars, etc, as if you had a Strength of 25. Target must be visible. Usable 1/session and leaves you exhausted (-2 to checks, hit and saves until a good night’s rest or 8 hours meditation). By taking a turn, you can lift something; bend bars, etc as if you had a Str of 25. Target must be visible. Usable 1/session and leaves you invigorated (+1 to checks, hits and saves) for a turn. 2 in 6 chance of doing damage to the target as you aren’t very gentle. Cannot be re-rolled.

100. Miraculous/Brutal 1/week (or 1/session, whichever is longer) without risk, you can attempt something truly miraculous. This may be any Sith ability. Explain to the DM what you want to do and how you want to do it. Keep talking. You start off at -10 on a Wis check to accomplish it. The better you make your points, the lower that -10 penalty winds up being. 1/week (or 1/session, whichever is longer), you can have a battle narrated back at you, your various insane, murderous deeds described in the gory particulars. Requires a Charisma check, -3 for every 5 hit die more all the enemies in the battle have on you. Succeed and walk out unscathed, doused in machine oil and blood.
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