Friday, February 8, 2013

Psionics for older D&D

Slightly expanded, having seen a single session three sessions of play. The psionics here is the brute Akira-style where you deflect tank shells and crush people to death with sheer force of will. 

Psionic Ability Scores
Psionic Power = Charisma
Psionic Defense = Wisdom
Aptitude = Charisma Modifier + Wisdom Modifier, minimum 0.

What the Ability Scores Do/Mean
Psionic Power (PP) describes the maximum force with which  you may make your will known using your mind alone.
Psionic Defense (PD) is your natural capacity to turn aside the will of others.
Aptitude (AP) describes the number of times you may extend your will beyond yourself in a show of Psionic puissence. Unlocked via training or exposure to Psionics (see below).
Mental Health (MHP) is your level/HD + your PD/Wis

Psionic Combat
Attacking, Defending and Charging all use a single attack action.

Attacks automatically hit but roll a d20 anyway to see if you crit; deal d4 + PP/Cha modifier - target's PD/Wis modifier in Mental Health damage. (so yeah, damage is d4 + PP and PD works like damage reduction)

to crit
add your PP/Cha mod to the above d20 roll. On a 20+ result, you've critted. 
Deal an additional d4 damage, and roll the d20 again, following the same rules as above.

Hold your attack and instead prepare yourself for the onslaught of others. d4 + PD/Wis mod. Defends against psionic (add to PD) and physical attacks (add to AC) in your turn and in opponent's next.

What, these patterns are just like the last time!!! roll d6 and add it to your next damage or defense roll. On a 1, take 1 MHP damage, on a 6, take 2.

Additional Affects
When attacking, prior to rolling damage, describe what you want to do decrease damage by a set amount to add an additional effect:

Push: -2 dam, push target 10 ft
Knockdown: -3 dam, knock the target to the ground
Lift: -2 dam, lift target 10 ft
Throw: -4 dam, blast target back 20 ft or combine knockdown and push
Stun: -4 dam, stun your target with
Overpower: -5 dam, control the target for their next action. Hurting themselves or allies requires a save.

Anyone with an Aptitude of 1 or more.

If you're playing with Traits, this is the trait that lets you use Psionic powers. You can be Sensitive but not a Psionicist. You need to hone your aptitude to make it into anything useful, so 

Listening In
Every damage point rolled telegraphs your presence to other Sensitives in a 10 ft radius. They know where you are, generally (it's like a ping on a radar screen they can't quite make out; they have your general direction or something like that). For every crit, double the range (ie, you get a single crit, and roll 7 total damage [d4+d4], you telegraph your location in a 140 ft radius).

Damage and Death
Reducing MHP to 0 leaves your target in a catatonic state. They must make a save v death every round they are not resting in relative safety (ie, not in combat) or lose an additional MHP. At -1 or -2 they're effectively braindead, barring a miracle and make the same save at -2. At -3 or worse and they explode, scanners-style, the psychic pressure circling their brain simply becoming too much for them to withstand (or roll a d6, 1-5, head explodes, body collapses, implodes [something like that], 6 they burst and create a strange, tetsuo-style tumorous aberration that retains their memory and personality but is overwhlemed by an urge to kill all things around it [has this _terrible_ headache]).

Unlocking Aptitude
Any non-sensitive reduced to 0 or less health but not killed by psionic power rolls under their wisdom. Fail and they're knocked out for d6 days but recover with psionic aptitude. Succeed and they gain a +2 bonus to PsiDef against the target in the future. 
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