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Alice, 5e

Zak's Alice class, for 5e. All the usual caveats about 5e stuff apply: I've not run or played enough of it, and I'm sure the math is not great (like, the proficiency/advantage thing is an obvious issue I need to work out).

to hit/attack +2 at level 1, gain 1 ever 4 levels after that (so +3 at 5, +4 at 9, etc)
HD d6
HP at level 1 6 + Con
Armor light*
Weapons simple*
Saving Throws Dexterity, Wisdom
Skills choose three from: Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Insight, Perception, Survival, Persuasion
(a) simple melee weapon or (b) light crossbow and 8 bolts;
(a) a dagger or (b) a sling with 12 stones; and a
dungeoneer's pack.

*disregard proficiencies awarded by race or other choice.

The Alice Die begins at d4 and increases once the level exceeds the maximum die value, up to level 12 (so, 1-4: d4, 5-6:d6, 7-8: d8, 9-10: d10, 11+: d12).

Exasperation works as in original, but doesn't work properly in medium or heavy armor (it's just hard to get worked up properly in all that protection): when in armor heavier than light, can't choose to become exasperated and abilities that trigger exasperation roll a smaller Alice die.

Cunning Action bonus action in combat to: Hide, Dash or Disengage actions in combat.

What if it went like this instead... may use any old thing as thieves tools to disarm traps or pick locks so long as it makes some kind of sense. The thing in question is, of course, imperiled should the roll fail.

Proficiency Bonus is rolled using the Alice Die.

Advancement: Every odd level, including first, roll a d100 on the below. At every even, roll two.

1-30 Precisely where I left it. 1/session, after a round of casting about, may find that thing you lost (a random bit of Adventuring Gear). On a re-roll: "I think it started with a..." can now choose the first letter of the item. On subsequent re-rolls, increases uses/session. Must be searching a plausible area (items don't appear out of thin air, but anything could be behind a bush or buried in the mud or in your pack somewhere.

31-50 Books without pictures... Add one to any save made against spells or magic being spoken, sung, etc., as they are just too boring to bother paying attention. Re-roll: add 2, then treat as advantage, then add proficiency, then wasted roll.

51-70 Why, the effrontery of it! 1/session, gain advantage when wriggling out of a grapple, escaping manacles or any other mundane means of restraint. Re-rolls add uses/session.

71 She noticed the Red Knight always feinted to his left— she was a very perceptive girl. 1/Fight: add 1 to attack roll and damage roll you make against a creature for every round spent analyzing the creature in action (target must have organs and be living for this to work). Re-roll: add 2, then treat as advantage, then add proficiency, then wasted roll.

72 Alice liked pies, although sometimes people did not want her to have them. add one to find any foodstuff. Re-roll: add 2, then treat as advantage, then add proficiency, then wasted roll.

73 She closed her eyes and said the words just as she’d been taught... gain Magic Initiate Feat. Always use Wisdom or Charisma for Spellcasting checks, regardless of source of spells (pick which when you first roll this). Re-roll if rolled again.

74 Oh, I do so apologize... when an enemy triggers an attack of opportunity, you may trip them on a Successful Dex check (knocks prone). Does not count as an action, reaction or attack of opportunity. On a re-roll, add one die of damage (same as whatever weapon you currently have equipped) as you take a sideswap at the falling opponent. On re-roll, add additional die.

75 Her sister had mentioned they were dreadful people... +1 to recognize the faction or function of any aristocrat in any land. Re-roll: add 2, then treat as advantage, then add proficiency. After that, for each time this bonus is re-rolled, you are in fact, as you just now recalled, related to such and such to-be-encountered NPC (player designates whenever, but not long after the NPC is first met).

76 All that hiding in the dumbwaiter has finally paid off. The Alice knows a secret - 1/session you're proficient in a single Arcana, History or Nature check. Add another 2 to the roll if you're arguing with someone being condescending, snobby, etc. Re-rolls: add uses/session.

77 It seemed nearly everything was dangerous if handled improperly. gain Tavern Brawler Feat. If re-rolled, increase one of the following: Strength or Con by 1 or unarmed strike damage.

78 It was very shiny and stuck out like a soup spoon... gain the Thief Archetype feature Free Hands 1/session: may use Cunning Action to make a Sleight of Hand check, use thieve's tools to disarm a trap or open a lock or take the use object action. Re-rolls increase uses/session.

79-85 She was not such a mouse as she used to be. add d4 to Charisma or d3 to Dexterity or d2 to Wisdom, or 1 to Con, up to the 20 max.

86 Alice then did something quite astonishing... 1/session, upon failing an Int Saving throw, trigger Exasperation for free, immediately. On Re-roll, increase uses/session, up to 3, then triggers upon upon being interrupted while doing something tricky, stressful, while arguing, etc. Afterwards, a wasted roll.

87 The blue one certainly did make the Alice taller, of that Alice was certain... The Alice is +1 to identify drugs and plants with drug-like properties for each time she rolls this. Re-roll: add 2, then treat as advantage, then add proficiency, then wasted roll.

88 She could be very charming when she needed to be. Add one when making a Charisma (Deception) or (Persuasion) check. Re-roll: add 2, then treat as advantage, then add proficiency (or double proficiency, if already proficient), then wasted roll.

89 “It really was curious,” she thought— “How many times could this kind of thing happen?” The Alice may escape death or another equally awful fate exactly once. The Alice must spend at least a round playing possum to build tension but...surprise, the Alice jumped out of the way just in time! Re-rolling this means the Alice gets to do it again.

90 She knew to curtsey at times like this, and so she did. Despite the low company the Alice keeps, she’s been working on her manners. Members of the upper classes instinctively recognize the Alice as one of their own (even if she isn’t). Re-roll if rolled again.

85 It was so lovely, and— according to the book— it was right there. The dress made of manticoreflesh, the house full of lilacs, the magical fishgutting knife— whatever the thing that the Alice always wanted is, it’s there. 4 sessions worth of adventure away or less. Tell the Alice’s Referee, who then must place it. The Alice must have a fair shot at it— like any other reward in a game— but there’s no guarantee the Alice will get it. If the Alice doesn’t get it by the fourth session, the Alice can keep trying or let it go and roll again on this table. However, if the Alice chooses to roll again and then gets the thing somehow anyway, the Alice loses whatever new gimmick the Alice rolled on the table. Referee: think up some clever reason why.

86 She had not known her mother’s cousin very well, and decided that it was a bad thing that she had died... The Alice has been willed 5,000 units of the local currency (Gold pieces? Silver pieces? Kroner?) worth of random mundane (nonmagical) objects. Here’s how it works: the player of the Alice has exactly ten seconds real time to say what she bought. The Alice now has all that stuff, assuming it adds up to less than 5,000gp. The Alice does not get experience points for this treasure.

87 They kept talking as though Alice was a rhododendron in a pot. Advantage on Stealth checks. Re-rolling 87 on this table means she can re-roll it twice and keep the best of those 3 results if any succeed. Re-rolling 87 after that means she can re-roll any roll failed three times, then four, etc.

91 She knew from school what the word meant, but did not know if it was rude or not. gain Linguist Feat. On a re-roll, apply the bonus to Int. After hitting max, wasted roll.

92 Alice quite liked drawing, and had an impressive box of crayons at home. May forge without a forger's kit and may use a Charisma (Persuasion) check in lieu of another. On a re-roll, re-roll on this table.

93 She thought it might be a saltcellar, or at least that seemed like a good word. The Alice can appraise treasure to a nontrivial and nonboring degree: the value of mundane things can be estimated flawlessly and if a piece of treasure is not what it seems on any level the Alice will get an inkling. As in, if the Alice player goes “Is this not what it seems?” and the Referee will go “Yeah, you’ve seen
a lot of jade urns in your day and this is not what it seems somehow— you’re not sure how.” If a treasure has some unusual or hidden feature of a mechanical or physical nature, the Alice will sense that it is there on a successful Intelligence roll. The Alice won’t know what it is, but the Alice’ll sense that it is there.

94-95 Has that always gone in there? 1/session, advantage on a Perception check, on a re-roll, add 1 to passive perception. On subsequent re-rolls, add use/session, then 1 to perception, etc.

96 She began to feel somewhat neglected. If the Alice is attacked in a round that she spends doing nothing but dodging and her attacker misses, the attacker will not only miss but fumble and lose his or her next turn (if s/he or it has multiple attacks, s/he will lose a number of attacks equal to the Alice’s level). This only works once on anything of better than zombie intelligence that sees it happen. If the Alice re-rolls this result, the Alice gets to do it twice in a combat, then three times, then four, etc.

97-98 She tried to remember what she knew about stoats. Charisma skills may be applied to communicate with animals.  Re-roll: add 1 to these Cha checks, then 2, then treat as advantage, then add proficiency, then wasted roll.

99-00 Alice had seen so many unusual things lately, it had become usual. Nothing phases the Alice any more— she is immune to insanity or confusion in any form. Even mind-altering cosmic horrors from the far edge of the cosmos are like whatever. The Alice still knows fear. Fear is good— fear keeps the Alice alive. Re-rolling this grants the Inspiring Leader Feat and then is a wasted roll.

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