Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fiend Folio: 97

Last Page of the Fiend Folio. Part of this project.


Yellow Musk Creeper is pretty much fine as-is. You probably should have a Save v its attack to minimize drain. Here's what you (and anyone else that fails v this creeper) hallucinates though*:

1. you are a lizard among and also an entire mass of lizards crawling over one another, watching hominids being devoured by tigers, crushed by the feet of mammoths they hunt. Lose intelligence score, gain Hunger (heal by dealing as much damage you deal with your mouth)

2. a starfish expressing impossible strength, crushing lobsters, then tuna, then sharks, whales. Leave behind marks like braille on stone as it passes. Reads like gospel, read like a random cleric spell cast upon the user. Lose wisdom, gain immunity to mind-effecting spells.

3. Deep below the earth, the grinding screech of plate against plate. A creeping white hunger crawling in the subsurface wastelands like a prion, true forms misfolded. Lose Con/Har and gain knowledge of an Obscure, Horrible Past.

4. horrible creatures of shells and appendages like fern fronds hauling nightmare bodies over watery sand, eating everything, children. Each knows part of a secret, a syllable of a name of a god not born, reagents to a spell. Lose Cha, gain Void Language.

on a successful save v the creeper: innumerable comets, meteors falling to the ground, choking to death, dying. Insane heat. Can't breathe, your pre-lungs filling with ash of creatures you've never imagined.

The effect of the hallucinations end if the creeper dies.

*if you want, carve these up so that you read bits to each player effected. One player gets one clause, one player another, more or less.

Yellow Musk Creeper Zombie are totally fine but you can still play your character when effected/killed by the musk creeper. You are immune to other creepers and no longer gain XP unless doing what the Creeper values (probably killing living things and breathing creeper seed into their corpses). You can understand (but not speak) Deep Speech. You need more water than normal. Fire does twice damage. You learn spells twice as fast.
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