Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kingdom Death Monster: Prologue

They wake up in the dark. 

Things they discover in no particular order: each holds a lantern, the eyes of each are blackened by ink still wet, the ground is cobbled in stone faces not set by an ordered mind but grown like clustered barnacles.

They wear cloth around their waists (1 point of armor) and, when a white lion, terrible and roaring, its paws composed of slender, taloned fingers, comes among them and begins to feed, four of them pull stones from the sculpted earth to attack the beast (2 speed, 7+ accuracy, 1 strength).

First, they were Chain Corpse, Sid Absolute, Reverse Crown, and Brisk Ivan. They did fairly well until Brisk Ivan missed a wound and was knocked down, dragged from the group and, in the next turn, mauled twice in the head (Speed 2, 2+ Accuracy, 3 Damage then bleeding and knockdown), one of which he spends his sole survival point to avoid, the other landing, forcing a severe injury roll which in turn finds the lion batting at his skull, causing his head to rip and burst and spray his companions with gore. Horrified, they lose their sole survival points and, unable to dodge and subject to several unlucky results (the lion becoming enraged and dealing an additional point of damage per attack, twice failed to wound locations that caused the lion to grab several of its attackers and drag them across the ground, separating the group, dealing more damage in the process). In this manner where they dispatched: Brisk Ivan's head was burst; Reverse Crown lasted the longest, taking heavy injuries nearly everywhere and suffering from bleeding kidneys, a collapsed lung, dislocated shoulder and shattered jaw until bleeding out; Chain Corpse's femoral artery was severed and died gushing arterial blood; Sid Absolute's genitals were destroyed and then he was disemboweled.

Then, they were Eris Swallow, Tremula Blather, Fallow Edwort and Barrow Groat and the second time they survived.
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