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Randomized Fighters for hacked B/X

Fighter class for hacked B/X and Trollworld

Threat Die roll a d8 for damage and Endurance after creation
Saves on a 16+
Adventurer can wear any mundane armor and use any mundane weapon without penalty
Average Learner gains a new level every 2,000 XP
Guts & Glory (see below)
Multiclass at level up can roll two times, split between any advancement tables for classes which you've currently unlocked
Locked subclasses/variants includes the Hime and Archer.

at creation
roll a d6, d8, d10 and d12 and see A. B. C. and D. below

A. the d6 determines your Glory. Write down this number. Whenever you fail a Guts save (see below), add this to your current Endurance. If it's above your current max, it's added as temporary Endurance. If you are unconscious due to lack of Endurance and this increases your total Endurance past 0, then you can get up.

B. one roll is your starting Endurance (pick from the three rolls and discard that die; you can also discard the highest roll and take a “six” as your starting Endurance)

C. one roll determines your Guts(or just pick and discard the lowest die roll)
You've been scarred somewhere. This roll determines where/what the scar looks like. 1/session, you can re-roll a failed Save v Death or Poisons (choose which).

D. one roll determines Might Feat (or just pick and discard the highest die roll)

Scars (Guts)
1 Poorly healed broken bone gives you an ugly, lumpy forearm or leg 7 Lips all scarred and raggedy
2 Missing d6 teeth in obvious places 8 Nose broken a few times
3 Half-blind in one eye, missing corresponding eyebrow 9 Ritual scarification on neck
4 Cheshire Grin 10 Missing middle finger
5 Missing part of nose 11 Cool scar, across nose and cheeks, under eyes
6 Missing ear 12 Cool scar down side of face, over eye (gap in eyebrow)

Mighty Feats (all 1/session unless otherwise noted)
Rise Again. the round after you've been killed, and so long as your body is in OK shape, you crawl back from oblivion with 1 Endurance and 1 Wound.
Leap. 1/ combat, leap up to your thrown weapon range as your move action. This will likely surprise your enemies.

Revenge. when a creature damages you, you get a free attack against a nearby enemy or target immediately following the attack (interrupts everything else)
Lean In. You can throw your shoulder into it and bash down and otherwise locked or stuck door, can push something extremely heavy (moving as if encumbered) or can pry open a locked chest (likely sets off any traps) without making a check or save.

Rampage. After killing something, get a free strike against another nearby enemy or target immediately following your killing blow at -2 attacks. (Can be done more than once, the penalty is cumulative on successive rampage strikes).
Mighty Throw. 1/ combat you can throw something enormous (something you couldn't necessarily lift otherwise) at a target, dealing an extra die of damage (at least - if it's huge and the target is tiny, may kill it outright)
Furious Choke. On an attack, you can try and single-mindedly choke something with a neck (neck must be small enough you can actually choke). Doesn't impair your defense or saves. Forces the victim to make saves each round or the victim passes out. A really bad roll on the save means they've choked to death or you snapped their spine or ruined their windpipe and they're dead.
Flesh Wound. you can ignore the mechanical effect of a Wound. You've still suffered the physical damage and will have scars but you don't die automatically if you take a second one, etc.
Double Fisted. Attack with two weapons at once (can use fist, shield). Roll both attacks. If either succeeds, roll an extra TD for damage. If either is a critical success, target is killed outright. If either is a critical failure, it counts as two critical failures.
Weapon Nut. After a Turn of practice you can make a check to figure out how to use any weird, strange weapon without penalty. Can also be used to make kludge repairs to weapons in lieu of doing so in camp or to jury rig some weird new weapon (sword on the end of a whip).
Sword Swallower. You can keep an extra weapon, rapier, whip or something similar shaped, in your gut. Avoid strong magnets and try to sit down gently. (takes d3 rounds do draw and sheathe, but not session limit)
12 Armor Nut. After a Turn of inspection/trying on armor, you can make a check to figure out how to use any weird, strange armor without penalty. Can also be used to make kludge repairs to armor in lieu of doing so in camp or to jury rig some weird new armor or armor-like device (shield from giant turtle shell). Or pick 12.

Fighter Advancement
roll advancement
01-20 +1 Attacks
21-40 +1 Saves
41-60 +1 TD Endurance
61-65 Tough as Fuck. +1 Defense. Re-roll: increase bonus by 1, max +4.
66-70 Glorious. Gain Guts. If already had, gain Glory (roll d6 for starting glory). If already had, can choose another category of Saves to which Guts applies and get 1/session or increase current uses of a Guts Save by 2 (max 3). Can gain bonus of 2 to any maxed out Guts Save (bonus applies only to re-roll). Whenever you roll this, you can also choose to re-roll your Glory using your current TD – keep the roll if larger. Or re-roll if you've rolled this at least once before.
71-75 Gutsy Bastard. Gain Guts. If already had, gain Glory (roll d6 for starting glory). Afterward, whenever you fail a Guts Save, you can choose to split your Glory between your next attack and damage rolls (next round only) instead of increasing your Endurance. Adds an additional +1 to damage or attack rolls on a re-roll, with the current maximum being your current bonus to attacks for the one and the highest possible roll on your TD for the other, after that, re-roll.
76-80 Triage. You're well versed enough in anatomy that you can help anyone performing field medicine in lieu of attacking this round. Add +1 to the victims Save. On a re-roll, increase bonus by 1 (max 4). Can also be used to try to diagnose diseases common to soldiering, whoring or the like.
81-85 Scavenger. +2 when hunting through a battlefield for cool kit or necessary supplies OR when scrounging around the wilderness for food. On a Re-roll, increase by 1 or choose alternate ability. Max bonuses for each is equal to your Glory. After max, re-roll.
86-90 Battlefield Presence. You can rally one allied NPC that just failed their Morale check (they re-roll at +2 or so) OR you can force an NPC to make a Morale check, if possible (describe how). On a re-roll choose alternate ability and then, on subsequent re-rolls increase the bonus/penalty by one to a max of +3/-2. Afterward, re-roll.
91-93 Henchmen. Next time you're in town you get a free NPC tag-along. d12 determines nature of NPC: 1-3 urchin linkboy with a lantern and dagger, 4-5 squire of dubious heritage with sham livery, d4 large coin, adventuring gear and short sword, 6-7 Street Thug with club and 4 throwing knives and underworld connections, 8-9 psychopath with too many daggers and weird trinkets, 10 mutant with (pick: acid spit, third eye [all around vision for 60'] or tentacle arms [can bear hug as a bear]), 11 hime (she thinks you're her knight/manservant), 12 level 1 Rogue (treat as a regular Henchman) with outstanding obligations (Han Solo and all that). Like other Henchmen, takes half a share of XP but only gains a level at half rate.
94 Weaponmaster. Choose a weapon keyword. When using a weapon with that keyword, roll a d4 and apply that as a bonus to either attacks or damage (choose before either roll). On a re-roll, increase the die by one size, up to d20. Can choose for multiple keywords on a re-roll, but take only the highest bonus die.
95 Bulk Up. If your TD is a d8, increase your size to Large, if it's at least a d10, increase it to Huge (max Huge/d10). If it's too low, re-roll on this table. After the max, re-roll.
96 Impressive/Terrifying Physique. Outside of combat, leverage your body when interacting with others. Add your a die three sizes smaller than your TD to your charisma when interacting with NPCs. On a re-roll, increase the die size (max your current TD). After the max, re-roll.
97 Blood in your eyes. 1/encounter, when bloodied, restore your Endurance to full or blind a nearby creature by whipping blood in their eyes. On a re-roll, increase number of uses (max 2) and number blinded (from 1 to d4+1, to d6+1). After, re-roll.

98 In Good Shape. 1/encounter, gain a free movement action.
99 Shake it Off. Cumulative +2 Save v Mind-Controlling or movement impairing effects, cumulative, up to +8, after which, re-roll.
00 Feats. Roll a d12 and take this feat (if you re-roll an already earned feat, re-roll this advancement roll).
*You can swap out any advancement for +1 TD Endurance and any roll 81+ for +1 Attacks or Saves or TD Endurance
*FIGHTERS ONLY: You can swap out both rolls and, as long as one is 81+, earn all three bonuses.

attributions: Yong-Sik Jung, , Jake Wyatt, portrait of Yukio Mishima (can't find photog credits), Heon-Hwa Choe.

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Some kinds


This is from +Scrap Princess. Scrap's original is reproduced below (bold headers and italicized mechanics are her's, the rest is me). The idea is you take Scrap's linked post and turn it into whatever you want. I didn't include pictures but the first. Maybe suggest some?

This is: 2 races, a trap, 2 NPCs/monsters and a magic item.

The People that hack themselves out of the wall
intelligence , wisdom, charisma start at a 1d4 . In your second session add a d6. In your 3rd session add a d8. You may never be stopped, held or slowed again.

Waving flagella fluoresce and send chemical signals from pond to stream to pool to puddle. They squat over rotting fish that once swam, birds that once dove for fish, water-insects whose now-prayerful legs once danced and delighted the fish, little dog-things that used to lap up the water and wash the fish that once swam. The chemical signals communicate that there is no longer food/complexity here. Soon the flagella will grow dim, harden and grow fruits of newer, stranger, larger beings.

Some men harvest those fruits, to study the progress of the pathogen, watch another man grow foolish, the tissue at the feet, fingers, around the mouth and neck turning blue, purple, yellow, necrotic black, falling away, studying or perhaps finding beautiful the glowing, waving fingers that emerge from the flesh.

Those afflicted rend their flesh and beat their skull against the wall. They knew things and they forgot them, but they knew they knew more. The loss is gradual and it is maddening. The Church of Ur-Hadad and the Academy deploys these People to punish the worst thought crimes.

New Rule: to increase your intelligence you must infect an unconscious subject with intelligence, wisdom or charisma greater than you. After a full rest, they die and you are reborn, gaining d6 in their highest of intellect, wisdom or charisma.

New Rule: you must try to eat in this manner once a session. the dead food of your food is repulsive, the complexity of the weaker mind like filth on the tongue. Failure to consume a more intelligent, wise or charismatic creature causes your form to harden. -1 to AC or hit (each session, cumulative, you choose)*

New Rule: every time you grow as above, make a Check against the attribute just increased. If you pass, your new form retains some physical characteristic of your meal. Regardless of your form, your stuff remains protoplasmic and you cannot be held or constrained, just move like astral liquid through the chain links.

Other things about your body: you take an extra die of damage from fire and cannot speak until you've got an Int of at least 8 and have spent time learning a language. 

*The most intelligent of your kind sometimes choose to no longer eat and their stiff, frozen bodies are revered as statues, while their brains rattle in their head cavity's like a shriveled nut.

The People that conceal birds.
When you die your next character may start with one stat the same as this one

The gravity here has changed. We used to scrape the ground on our bellies and lick nutrient salts off the dried up sea beds or chew rocks with our bright teeth. But water returned and our legs grow long and we look up now. 

Our grandfather left his throne. There was the tolling of the bell around His neck, the neck thicker than any tree, the head bigger than any rock, the head itself scaled and ponderous, the first rock. The bell tolled once and split the earth below the throne and the water welled in fat tears from the crack and then grandfather lost his weight and was gone and our legs grew long and we learned to look up again.

We had birds that flew but we were ashamed of them. When the gravity makes you grovel, flight seemed like a mortal sin and so we always looked down and averted our gaze. And they would shit on us and laugh but one day there was less shit and then none at all and the birds were gone. It was assumed they had got bored and moved on, but then, after the grandfather left, we started to die and we learned the truth. We had hidden our birds inside of ourselves.

New Rule: 1/session re-roll a failed Save v paralysis/force/crushing blow

New Rule: You cannot hold weapons as your stumpy legs cannot grasp them but your broad white molars can grind a foe as a warhammer strikes.

New Rule: you can carry double whatever you should be able to.

New Rule: upon death, there is the flutter of wings. Bird shit smears the floor. A rock nearby uncoils and tests its long legs, runs a fat pink tongue along wide, white teeth, and feels pounds of imaginary bird shit right between the shoulder blades, the shame of birds.

The people that eat soil
you need not nor cannot drink. Your body contains no water and expels it immediately from consumed things. 

They stand in the sands like silver mouths with asphalt tongues, the shimmering judgment of Ur-Hadad descending from the upper lip like a sheer curtain. Below the gate, the throat of the tunnels turns and dips low and is lost from sight. Below is rumored temple-sarcophagi, cathedral-pyramids, black as night or lit by green witch light, the death-free lands of Ur-Hadad, his wondrous treasure vaults and halls of science.

Ur-Hadad is the god of paper, truth, undeath, timelessness, science, hobgoblins and mummies.

The curtain is the judgement of Ur-Hadad. All that passes through it must Save v Undeath at -4 or  become an undead of half as many hit die as their current level, their mind turned to Ur-Hadad, their will married to his heart. Outside these gates are often pools of stinking fluid, the impure remains of recent converts. The effect upon the non-living is less intense, they need merely Save v Undeath or have all liquid expelled from them (roll once for all non-magical liquids being carried and again for all magical liquids).

The people that lost the sun
light is dark and dark is light

We are the children that are always hungry. We are the inverse of love and tenderness, we are those left to die in the desert. We are the unwanted children, our bellies never full, our faces long, our limbs thin, sad.

New Rule: treat as children Banshees but replace the keen/wail with weeping/moaning. The weight of the child left to die by his family is in that weeping and the weight bears upon the soul of those that hear, carrying it down to the engines of Ur-Hadad.

New Rule: the banshee child is unable to see the world for what it is, but instead sees kindness as hatred, love as cruelty, light as dark and dark as light. Accordingly, they cleave to those that are most obviously evil, only to be disappointed by some minor act of kindness.

The people with snakes for bones
you are always prone but can squeeze into the smallest gaps. Your mind is shared amongst all your bones.

The thousand wives of Sultan X were said to be the sum total expression of all possible beauty. One had lips like a bird's wings, another, the penis like the Bull-of-Heavens. But, like all things that are only ever beautiful, they became also vain and demanded the Sultan spend his days among them, forever choosing whose embrace was warmer than whose, whose lips softer, whose kiss wetter, slipperier. And so the Sultan failed to take seriously the growing unrest, the lack of food, the droughts. Many left the great shining city then and walked into the mouth of Ur-Hadad.

From among the people came a woman as ugly as any who had ever lived. She was a great witch, the wife of the Bull-of-Heavens and also his daughter and mother. She pulled down the shimmer from the towers and put it in a box, to be held by the people who would carry that shimmer with them over the sands forever, and she spat three times and the Sultan grew terrible, many-limbed, soft and city fell to pieces, back to the clay as it had been before the Bull-of-Heavens had stomped it to bricks and the thousand wives grew long and narrow and ugly as any who had ever lived.

New Rule: For each snake in a wilderness encounter or in a den/nest there is a 1 in 20 chance that the snakes remember their true nature, as wives of the Sultan of the Lost City, servants of the Witch of Change. Snakes that remember their true nature are treated as the body corporate of a single cleric of HD equal to twice as many snakes are present.

The people that cannot lie
you always lie

IX the dissembler, god of change and the living fashioned for her one hundred and one servants a mask. The mask is an emblem of true discipleship.

New Rule: the Mask of IX can be molded to look like anyone but you.
New Rule: the Mask is an emblem of true discipleship, any truth you speak comes out a lie (either the GM speaks for you or what you say turns out false) and removing it peels the skin and muscles from your face (no save)

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Things you find in Trollworld ("Magic Items," Reaction rolls Drugs)

More trollworld stuff. Here are the original encounters. Sometimes the rolled reaction on that table feels a bit off, so there is the below instead, using the LL/B/X reaction roll as its basis.

Unless otherwise specified, the NPC wants...
(roll 3d6 & d20; 2 of the d6 are used for the reaction roll; condition escalates on an “unfriendly” or otherwise hostile NPC reaction; if you choose the “escalate to the below” you can pick from the next entries escalation options - try to only do it once and only when the existing options feel stale, but it should work barring you work your way through the whole thing)
(in a bad part of town)
NPC... (d20)
details (d6, if necessary)
needs directions but seems otherwise OK
to somewhere nearby, but the path is dangerous (might see their corpses later)
is really a post for a pickpocket OR is a pickpocket OR escalate to the below
to somewhere in another district, through checkpoints (might see them on the news later)
to somewhere secret/hidden
asks for spare change, has palsy or seems freaked out by something/on the lookout
7 less this number of people in torn jeans and puffy jackets and plastic sunglasses unless otherwise specified
if less than 4, one is a leader with a d8 TD, if 1, d8 TD and +1 level/HD
protagonist casing you to mug you once it gets dark [if dark, about to mug you] OR pickpockets OR escalate to the below

asks for/ is selling food, looks nauseated, weird, wide eyes*
food for the whole family (week's rations, if selling, is irradiated)
gang of hungry punks will jump you when you're rummaging through your pack OR any food you have a day later is covered in strange, toxic fungus OR escalate to the below
just something to tide you/them over (day's rations)

needs/is selling troll meat, raw for 2-3 large coin; if selling, will tell you it's beef or calamari (depending on source)
asks for/is selling drugs, alcohol, cigarette, or other controlled substance*
if buying, they can only pay in IOUs payable by a local gang lord, if selling, it's toxic (Save v Toxicity or lose a TD of endurance until you get it out of you; hell mode – reduced to bloodied Endurance until you get it out of you)
NARC working for the Wolves OR protagonist working for the Black Market, is protected OR escalate to the below
is currently high on Ghoolies and will use that to affect (is super interested in you getting high with him right now)

50/50: pays double, sells for half but will come to collect it later when you're passed out OR pops a Tetsuo as soon as you bring out your wallet. Look out.
asks for medical attention or is selling med bots/patches*
is woozy, sick looking, pale, rings around eyes
dies in d4 rounds, horribly, loudly OR dies in d4 rounds, horribly, birthing wandering monsters from a wandering monster table, in the Wilderness number (yeah, that many) OR med bot it has or is used on it explodes for 2d6 burst damage OR escalate to the below
Throat is black and/or eyes red (Ghoolies OD – something a med bot won't fix)

Blood-splattered lab coat, maybe be missing hand (if needs attention)
asks for/is selling troll parts*
d6 pounds of troll meat, triple price
NARC OR Troll in disguise, looking to entice you and eat you OR escalate to the below
d10 pounds of troll meat, double price

whole specimen (goblin, orc or kobold)
needs/is selling weapons or armor*
needs/is selling cheap stuff, low tech and lots of it or just one military-restricted weapon (bombs, firearms, lasers)
NARC with Wolf backup OR Market Operative with Kewtieloli in tow OR escalate to the below
needs/is selling

Selling/Looking for something rare/ornate and super expensive, hard to find. You'd need to steal something like this to get it and whoever had it probably is looking for it.
needs escort/protection*
wounded man or woman, clutching child
Nobody, but needs to get out of town quick (Wolves show up in d2 turns) OR fleeing Experiment (Experiment claims the NPC has wronged it or wants to eat it) OR escalate to the below
runaway from Sex-domo in ruined clothes, bruised

walking bomb, is super frantic and may explode at the start of any combat encounter as if a fireball cast by a M-U of a level equal to the highest enemy HD (max 7). Bomb can be extracted, killing the bomber. They have no idea where they got these surgical scars, they just know they HAVE TO GET TO THE POLICE STATION.
your money or your life
clearly strung out
There are d10 of them OR d6 and a leader with +1 TD Endurance and +1 Attacks OR escalate to the below
gore stuck in their teeth, likely a cannibal gang or decoro punk

rich kids, slumming it (50% chance they'll kill you no matter what, for fun)
needs contraband
promises to serve party as henchmen if they can get what they need
Will try to kill the party the first chance they get OR is sincere but human bomb, programmed to blow once they get the item OR escalate to 1
as above, slits palm and swears obedience

Will hire the party and pay twice its street value as long as word doesn't get out
Add a second NPC roll to the mix, and re-roll here once again (20s are now 19s).
*don't feel like choosing? Evens are needs, odds is selling

The below assumes 1- or 0-level
Trollworld Citizen
d4 TD, Def 10, Saves 18, 120', d2 loot (d4 loot if wageslave)

d4 TD, Def 10, Saves 18, 120', 1 of: 3/6 Science or 4/6 Tech or 3/6 Chemistry, d2 loot

d6 TD, Def 12, Saves 16, 120', 2/6 Stealth, Backstab (+2 to hit from stealth, critical strike on hit), Pistol (NARC only), d4 loot, advances as Rogue

d4 TD, Def 10, Saves 18, 120', d3+1/6 Pickpocket, 2d2 loot

d6 TD, Def 15, Saves 16, 120', Backstab and 1 advancement from Kewtieloli advancement table, d6 loot

Market Operative
d8 TD, Def 18, Saves 14, 120', +1 Attacks, Lamellar Hi-Impact Armor under kimono, 1 of some kind of contraband drug, Walkie-Talkie, d8 Loot

New Nova Wolves
d8 TD, Def 16, Saves 16, 120', 2 advances from Fighter Advancement table, Walkie-Talkie, Pistols, 2d2 loot, pack travels in groups of 2d6

New Nova Alpha
d8 TD, Def 16, Saves 14, 120', 6 advances from Fighter Advancemnt table, Walkie-Talkie, Sat-Phone, Pistol with scope (+1 Attacks when holding attack), Security Codes, d6 loot

d4 TD, Def 12, Saves 16, 120', treat as Trollomancer with 2 advances, is naked or clothed in rags

Troll meat
Random monster parts contraband. Save v Toxicity when eating or lose d4 Endurance. Fail by 4 or more and decrease your TD by 1 size. Hell Mode – immediately re-roll Endurance.

(Romaji: s-peach-u). tech/fruit/troll hybrid contraband. Eat it and hold the pit under your tongue; you can then speak one sentence and anyone listening can understand you. You have to say, “comma” or the like or the momomo won't understand and to end the effect, spit out the pit (period).

Good food
Any food that's not rations and doesn't come in a can, wrapper, etc. Any of the food joints other than Grocery-Chan sell probably awesome food (costs 2-4 times as much). If it is awesome, +1 TD when you sleep and roll to restore Endurance tonight. OR +2 on your next save v death (“you need to try it one more time”).

Pill from ground Troll teeth, contraband. Upon consumption, you gain 1 of the following (d6): 1-2: double Endurance for a turn/Round, lost End is halved at end, 3-4: can ignore 1 save for a turn/round, 5-6: can automatically crit on first hit; and also 1 of (d6): 1-2: terrified of fire (automatic Morale check at -4), 3-4: hates flowers (berserk beeline for one to stamp it out, throwing anyone in the way aside, ignoring all danger), 5-6: cannot speak or understand speech. When taking more than 1, roll Save v Toxicity – number taken in the last 24 hours or gain all affects, penalties and go NPC for a full turn/10 rounds. Hell mode – transformation is permanent unless you can make a successful save v Toxicity at no penalty at the end of the session/start of next.

A whole cocktail of pills in a pill bottle, to be swallowed at once, really, really illegal contraband. Save v Toxicity. You can do your TD in burst 1xthe margin of save as force damage. Save v Mind-control +2. If you fail your Save v Toxicity, you've got d4 round to swallow a bunch of Kaneda (Esper neutralizing drugs) or start blasting any living thing in sight until the end of the session (at which point the drugs wear off).

Powdered shard of necromantic power, cooked and injected, super illegal magical contraband. Site of injection turns hard, red, almost like a ruby. When alone, you'll be visited by a strange child of the opposite gender with teeth lacquered black. The child asks you about your dreams and fears. Whenever you fail a save that would leave you dead, you can draw instead on the power the child offers and re-roll the Save, +2. On a failure, you die and return as a ghoul. On a success, you are miraculously alive, gain Saves v Demons -2d4. On each subsequent re-roll made in this manner, the bonus to the re-roll is increased again by two and the penalty decreased by 2d6. When your Save v Demons falls to 1 or less, something bad probably happens.

Holy worms, religious contraband that looks similar to heart worms (writhing, pale, mesh). When applied to the skin, grants 1 Magic-User spell of the first complexity and Saves v Toxicity -2. Larger portions increase spell complexity and penalty to toxicity. Penalty disappears at the end of the session in which the spell is cast.

Sugared undead skin jerky, religious contraband. First living thing you touch other than yourself is paralyzed. Save v Necrosis or you suffer from an OD. OD's come in three stages: failed save: throat turns black – conspicuous, but that's it; save failed by 3 or more: eyes bleed, turn bright red, make another immediate save or die and come back as ghoul.

Projectile weapon. Military only. Range as crossbow. TD damage, on a hit, damages mundane armor (reduces AC by 2, AC reduced to no bonus is destroyed)

Laser Rifle
Beam weapon. Military only. Range as long bow. Requires battery pack, uses 3 charges a shot, hits multiple enemies in cluster.

Battery Pack

Must be carried in lieu of a backpack. 9 charges. Takes an hour and a good power source to restore 1 charge (grotty power sources require a Save v Electricity for each charge or the thing shorts and you lose all charges [on a 1, the pack is fried])

More later

attributions: Akira, , Kiwi-RGB

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It is hard to find cool pictures of Pokemon

Troll Master

This, but slowly rotting

Gotta catch 'em all (another Trollworld Class)
Threat Die roll a d4 for damage and Endurance after creation
Saves on a 16+
Mostly just a civilian can wear any mundane light armor and use any mundane simple melee weapon without penalty in human form
It Ain't Hard gains a new level every 1,250 XP
Summon Deck (see below advancement chart and starting stuff)
Summoner You can have 3 summons on your Deck at a time. Summoning requires detaching the Guro-Ball, throwing it at the desired area. The Summon can act your next round in lieu of one of your actions (you have to order the summon what to do, it has to be able to hear you or else they just stand around, looking bored and slowly decomposing).
Not Too Bad at level up can roll two times, split between the Troll Master and Rogue advancement tables
I Got You Trollkachoo +2 to all Saves for you and Summon while the Summon is out and conscious

Locked you need to earn Professor Guro's trust or steal and figure out how to use a Summon Deck before you can use.

at creation
roll a d4, d6 and d8 and see A. and B. below

A. one roll is your starting Endurance (pick from the three rolls and discard that die)

B. two rolls determine your Starting Summon and its ability (attribute the two remaining rolls to the Starting Summon & Ability table)
The Summon Deck is a piece of electronics about the size of a loaf of bread. It clips to a belt, could be carried in a purse or bag or strapped to the side of a backpack. On it are three Guro-Balls, Troll containment Devices.
Some Stuff: Guro-Balls are crazy expensive as Prof. Guro stopped making them in favor of the Trollomancer Program, and each can only hold 1 Summon. Decks can normally only hold 3 Guro-Balls. To capture a Troll, throw a Guro-Ball at its feat. If the Troll has less than ¼ of its Endurance left, it may be weak enough to be trapped in the ball, roll a d20 over its remaining Endurance. If you succeed, it's trapped, if not, it failed and your ball has to be retrieved and reset (resetting doesn't use up an action, though). Summons are digitized and their minds broken by the Summon Deck, they become your obedient servants – because they're Undead now, they take extra damage from holy stuff (or however Undead work in your game) and only make Bravery/Morale checks if your level is lower than theirs (and then they make it as normal and when summoned and at a penalty equal to the disparity between your level and their HD). Treat your Summons as henchmen as far as XP goes – split it evenly but they only earn half of their split. On level up, they can do one of their abilities again or pick up/improve their alternate ability. They use a d6 as a TD, your bonus to Attacks and Saves unless otherwise mentioned (captured Summons use whatever TD they would have used in life). Summons heal while resting in their deck for about 8 hours.

Starting Summon and its ability
roll Summon Ability (choose one)
1 Spider Guy 1/session web or Surprises on a 4 in 6
2 Flower Fairy 1/session cure light wounds or light
3 Rock Lobster 1/session can “hide” in stone for up to a turn by using a full round to burrow into surrounding rock or can pin an enemy to the ground on a failed Save v Stone w/a bonus of 2 for each size increment greater than small
4 Giant Centipede 1/session they can deliver a poisonous bite, Save v Stone or paralyzed for d4 rounds or they can hide in moist ground, surprising on a 4 in 6
5 Two-tailed Ferret 1/session can create an illusory clone of itself (deals no damage and disappears when struck) or find secret doors in a 4 in 6 when it spends a turn looking
6 Smog Raven Flies, d4 TD, 1/session exude a horrid cloud roughly 5'x5', causing anyone within to Save v Choking or spend d6 rounds incapacitating, gasping OR can cause darkness in a 20'x20' area
7 Cokeboy d8 TD, 1/session can ignite itself, dealing its TD to itself and anyone in melee range of it OR it spoil food and drink
8 Fire Goblin d4 TD, 1/session can deal it's damage in a mini fireball (it takes half damage as the fireball involves throwing its essence at something) – as fireball but half damage and half sized OR1/session can ignore its TD in heat or electrical damage (both powers can't be used simultaneously – each takes a separate round of prep)

Troll Master Advancement
roll advancement
01-20 +1 Attacks
21-50 +1 Saves
51-70 +1 TD
71-80 Mind of a Master. +1 to Cha checks when dealing with your Summons and other henchmen-types (not necessarily your henchmen), max +3, or re-roll on this table.
81-90 Nega-Deck. 1/session a Summons gain back d4 of their Endurance whenever they're returned to the deck (on a re-roll, increase the gain by one until the max possible roll equals the next largest die [ie, a d12+8->d20, a d4+2->d6]) or increase the # of uses or re-roll.
91-95 All God's Creatures. Watching your Summons decay in front of you has given you considerable anatomical knowledge, gain a bonus of 2 to a backstab-like attack or to any save/check involving surgery, first aid or triage on another living thing). +1 or pick the other version on a re-roll (max +4/+4)
96-97 Forceful. You only risk having a Summon “break” if your level is 2 below its HD (on a re-roll, increase by 1, max 4) or re-roll.
98-99 Good Teacher. Every other session, one of your used Summons gains the full amount of XP it leeched. Further rolls increases the number of Summons affected.
00 Extra Ball. You've jury-rigged your deck to take an extra Summon (max 2) or re-roll on this table.
You can swap out any advancement for +1 TD Endurance and any roll 91+ for +1 Attacks or Saves or TD Endurance


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