I'm currently running (at home): B/X/OD&D mostly; some warhammer, some nugame/storygames when the players are up for it

I'm currently running (online): Disgaea B/X  soon

Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (online) include:  Whatever magic +Reynaldo MadriƱan  runs

I live in: Pennsylvania, USA

2 or 3 well-known RPG products other people made that I like: Sword & Wizardry Whitebox, Vornheim, +Jack Mack's Dangertopia

2 or 3 novels I like: 2666, Rings of Saturn, Confessions of a Mask

2 or 3 movies I like: Blade Runner, the Girl who Lept through time

Best place to find me on-line: Here/G+

I will read almost anything on tabletop RPGs if it's: interesting, useful

I really do not want to hear about: any setting that can't be summed up in a d12 table, any character that can't be summed up in two sentences. 

I think dead orc babies are ( circle one: funny / problematic / ....well, ok, it's complicated because....) Oh stop.

Free RPG Content I made for D&D or something like it or whatever is available on this blog (every post, really).

If you know anything about loot systems that work like Diablo 2, TTJRPGs it'd help me with a project I'm working on

I talk about RPGs on G+ (social media site and/or RPG forum name) under the name Pearce Shea.

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