Friday, January 2, 2015

something something something (what I've been working on)

I have been largely absent because of not-game things. I continue to work on a hexcrawl that's also kind of a pointcrawl. I dunno. One of the few times where I care less about the mechanics than I do about the thing itself.

*Humans made themselves out of tools and so they make weapons and armor but they also make gods that are just and kind.

*Elves are thin and beautiful and perfect and cruel. If humans were monkeys before they were humans, elves were wolves.

*There are a number different version of the world, each with its own dominant peoples. It's not clear why this has happened, but there was one world and now there are an untold many: a world of elves and its all dead leaves and long teeth and hunger and there is a wold of humans and its all making things making rubbish and leaving it behind and controlling others and organizing and being safe and looking out of windows at the dark, and there is a dwarf world where the trees feed machines and everything feeds machines because the dwarves are making another world and the dead are piled like mountains and there is poison everywhere and a shimmering gas, and there is a proto-world that eats the other worlds and its full of dopplegangers and ghosts, etc, etc.

*Elves use human souls for a lot of things. They command golems that look like clay hulks that have only mostly forgotten they were human.

*there is a lake of suicides that connects the human world and the elf world, there are also hiding places in bushes and cupboards and under beds that are small enough for children and that open into black and wild places in the elf land

*there are color merchants

*there are a few human/elf groups, the humans a little wild and cruel, the elves a little more willing to ask for a thing instead of just taking it

*there is a secret factory that makes kindness

*monsters that forgot they were monsters

*there is a wild hunt and the huntmaster's agents is handing out masks

*children that were always monsters, but some that are getting better and one that is trying very hard but can't stop and feels terrible and sad about it

*tall dark trees in endless forests

*knights in white armor fighting and hurting everyone else but not eachother because they have great armor and are actually monsters themselves

*snags in order so that things repeat but the memory stays around like a pencil you can't quite erase. Say there is a village and it is being attacked by goblins and the party stops the goblins. Great. Later, there is the same village being attacked by goblins and the goblins are sort of larger and more vicious and sometimes there are more of them because the last time this happened, the goblins died but aren't gone entirely. Someone is usually carrying something or went off and did something and you have to fix it or the loop continues until nothing can be there and it's just people and goblins dying and grey and black and goblins falling into people and houses burning and everyone melting and being born again like a ruined sheet of paper where the graphite has been erased too many times

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