Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Monsters, new ruleset sort of

Working on new rules. Endurance is like HP, HD (hazard die) is what's rolled for damage. Here are some monsters.

scrambling eaters
Dextrous Monstrous Halfling HD6, 4 Endurance
-small, like a cross between a child’s corpse and a big cat
-night vision: eyes reflect light like a dog
-heal injuries in a few minutes in the dark or when eating
-hunts in threes, nests in 6s; nest has d2 Treasures

ghoul, ascended
Charismatic Monstrous Human HD8, 9 Endurance
-tall, humanoid form, translucent skin, bones and organs glowing as bright as daylight, speaks with two voices
-4 SP: Restore, Calm, Silence, Phase
-takes an extra pip of harm in star light
-attended by d3+1 pupal ghouls, in chapel: d3 Treasure, 1 Art

ghoul, pupal
Strong, Charismatic Monstrous Human HD6+1, 8 Endurance
-Light Armor
-tall, translucent humanoid, a whisper echoes whatever it says, but awkwardly, like it’s not used to a mouth or tongue

lonely hungerer
Strong Monstrous Human HD10, 12 Endurance
-Thick skin and bloodlust; as Heavy armor with helmet
-Tall, muscular, hulking, always male-looking, with wide mouth and baleful eyes (red in the half-light)
-lairs solitary, among the bones of humans, has d2 Treasure

Undead HD6+1, 6 Endurance
-luminous, ectoplasmic human shape, slit mouth, black eyes
-becomes something worse if it opens its mouth
-Cannot be injured or killed by normal means
-corpse may be treated as Fetish

failed chimera
Hardy, Monster, Once Human HD8+1 10 Endurance
-random Trait (determined by components)
-claws, teeth or beak in a jagged mouth and long black tongue and long stringy hair, 3+d4 limbs
-somewhere between a child and a predator, hunts, sings

infernal juror
Wise Enormous Masked Demon HD10+1, 16 Endurance
-increase damage die size for human or smaller creatures
-can only be injured by weapons of its own making
-can change sizes, and its mouth is a door and its throat a tunnel to hell
-d4+2 Treasure

star mite
Fast, Intelligent, Dextrous Monster HD6+1, 8 Endurance
-glowing, burrowing tick-like and dog-sized, attacks from loose earth and retreats, hates being seen
-sleeps when immersed in water, immune to heat, cold and pressure (including blunt trauma)
-consumes darkness, dreams, fantasies, nightmares; falls apart when it dies
-d4-3 Artefacts

Human HD6, 5 Endurance
-marked with a sign visible only in peripheral vision or mirrors
-knows a Secret about something dark and deep or far, inky and cold
-1 in 6 have a random Trait, HD6+1, 7 Endurance, +1XP, d2-1 Treasure

Human HD4, 3 Endurance
-important villagers have a random Trait, HD4+1, 5 Endurance, 1XP

the horde
Wise, Intelligent Monstrous Human HD6, 5 Endurance
-once abandoned children in rags, emaciated, a sign in their forehead
-appear in d3 or d8+2 numbers
-linked consciousness, telepathy
-live in sewers, alleys, dark places, hate the Empire, the wealthy
-1 XP

attributions: Rec, Blame!, Berserk, Sankai Jutsu, the Grudge, Dorehedoro, Wikipedia, the Village of the Damned

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