Monday, July 21, 2014

you are in a field of tall green grass

So, I've been working on a big hex thing. BIG! But whatever I eventually share will be much smaller. Because of things.

Here is part of the details of a starting area (note: 5e based)

starting area:
“you are in a field of green grass that reaches to the shoulders”

"The ground is uneven, rich, black, lumpy but soft, full of holes and strange rises. It writhes with an overabundance of life, especially with annelids and myriapoda.

when running, the ground should be treated as a falling hazard,  requiring a DC 20 DEX Save to avoid being knocked prone.

horses and similar destriers may break a leg when they fail this Save.

when rolling a 1 on this Save, the character falls below into a roiling horror of enormous biting myriapoda and venom and blind hunger and madness. -3 SAN/round. The characters below 100 hp are automatically reduced to unconsciousness. Other characters take 104 (10d20) piercing and poison damage (divide evenly, if it’s important) and dies per the rules."


huge devil, lawful evil
AC 16 (Natural Armor)
HP 119 (16d12+16)
Spd 40’/60’(fly)
18(+4) 18(+4) 12(+1) 20(+5) 22(+6) 18(+4)
Skills Perception+4, Deception+4, Persuasion+7
Senses truesight 60’, darkvision 120’,
pass per 20
Languages Deep Speech, Infernal, Common
Magic Res. spells affect with disadvantage
Immunities immune to charm-like effects, non-
magical damage
Challenge 8 CR (3,900 XP)
Shapechange. May appear as a raven or in its
actual form, or a raven-like or raven-human
chimera of any size between the two.
Multiattack. May Peck/Claw twice a round.

The First Sound. Caws once and rips light from
creation. Darkness 30’ radius anywhere within
sight. Counts as a level 8 spell.

The Final Sound. Caws twice and rends sound.
As Silence, but a level 8 spell, 60’ radius
anywhere within sight, from which the Evangelist
is exempt. Any attempt to speak while thus
silenced causes suffocation.

Rapt. Stamps once and a 20’ radius of any non-
magical ground is turned to a rust-flecked mud.
DC 20 DEX Save to avoid falling for 7 (2d6)
bludgeoning damage. Vines spring from the
muddy pit and hold victims in place (DC 20 STR
to break), dealing 18 (4d8) slashing damage in
the process. Bound targets take 4 (d8) slashing

We Are His Eyes. Spreads wings wide, all seven
times seven eyes open wide and the Evangelist
radiates oppression. 30’ gaze attack dealing 14 (4d6)
radiant damage to all within range and causing them
to bud half as many eyes (small, black, like a birds)
on their body (DC 25 CHA Save halves damage only).
No matter the distance between the afflicted and the
Evangelist, the Evangelist may see through these eyes
at any range, and may influence anyone bearing the eyes
as a level 8 Command or level 6 Charm (lasts 1 day) (may
compel self-harm (DC 15 CHA save to avoid)).

Peck/Claw. melee attack +8 to hit, reach 5’-10’ (per
current size), one target hit  2 (d4) piercing damage

Huge raven-like creatures or large humanoids with
some raven features (beak or wings or feet). Their heads
and wings, along the base of the underwing coverts
each sport seven-49 eyes in asymmetrical clusters.
There are 343 of the Evangelists operating at any
moment, but normally only seven in any given continent on
a plane. Clerics may pray to them for aid."   

attributions: gif from Altered States, something else

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