Thursday, July 24, 2014

you are in a field of tall green grass - more 5e setting stuff (lots of monsters)

more on that 5e starting area hexcrawl thing.

let me know if the links don't work.

there are probably some typos/math errors in the monsters. Nothing major. Building 5e monsters seemed pretty easy, which probably means I've screwed them up.

In the text, the italicized text is meant to call out mechanics, die rolls or GM-significant stuff.

“in a field of green grass that reaches to the shoulders”

"grass varies from 3-6’ tall. d4+2

the grass is untouched and sways in the wind, and is just really, really long grass that somehow is able to stand upright like corn without being wider, etc.

grass moving in a pattern or against the wind or bird flight is the likeliest sign of something incoming. Surprise is rolled with an advantage by all parties that are using the grass to their advantage (locals always do).

The grass is slow to burn without an accelerant. mass burn-offs using accelerant are likely to disturb large, hunting myriapodia, confusing the sudden flash of heat for a nearby food source."

"The ground is uneven, rich, black, lumpy but soft, full of holes and strange rises. It writhes with an overabundance of life, especially with annelids and myriapoda.

when all-out running, the ground should be treated as a falling hazard,  requiring a DC 20 DEX Save to avoid being knocked prone. horses and similar destriers may break a leg when they fail this Save.

when rolling a 5 or less on this Save, the character falls 10’ below into a roiling horror of enormous biting myriapoda and venom and blind hunger and madness. Climbing out without help takes a round and a DC 15 check. First round of exposure is 9 (d20) damage, second is 19 (2d20), etc."

daytime encounters (wandering encounters are rolled twice, once for day and once for night)

d20encountersecond rollnotes
12-5 red birdsd4+1
23-30 gazelle3d10
32-8 young lithobius2d4
41-2 lithobiusany die/2
5an archispirostreptusany die/2 (see note)50% chance it's startled, being chased by 1-2 lithobius
6 - 83-30 bin warblers3d10
9 - 12spidersee entry(4d10)
13 - 1530-300 oracle swallow"a lot" or 30d10
165-8 swamp peopled4+4
1730-300 swamp people30d10
18an evangelist of tormentonesee the names of the evangelists
191-2 giant hunting spidersany die/2 (see note)50% chance for each that it is accompanied by d10 host
201-2 Oji Scarabany die/2

attribution: John Hallmen

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