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Hime - B/X Character Class, mostly/sort of

+Reynaldo MadriƱan's Battle/Murder Princess (sort of, kind of) for Trollworld. Less Paladin, more Warlord.

Threat Die roll a d8 for damage and Endurance after creation
Saves on a 16+
Adventurer can wear any mundane armor and use any mundane weapon without penalty
The Heart of Ruler +2 v fear-affects
Average Learner gains a new level every 2,000 XP
Heart, Signet, Will, Mantle and Crown (see below advancement chart and starting stuff)
Hime Fights Valiantly at level up can roll two times, split between the the Hime, Fighter and Cleric advancement tables

at creation
roll a d6, d8 and d10 and see A. B. and C. below

A. one roll is your starting Endurance (pick from the three rolls and discard that die)

B. one roll determines Hime's Signet (or just pick and discard the lowest die roll)
Hime's sign and seal, passed to her from a parent now lost or from a life best left forgotten.
Can be presented to impress underlings (Heart of a Ruler) but may cause them to resent, despise or plot against you (+2 when dealing with those that are impressed by the name and authority of an old family -2 when dealing with those that hate the old ways).

C. one roll determines Hime's Heart (or just pick and discard the highest die roll)
Hime turned her heart to a weapon and she can draw it forth.
Can be drawn as a free action but ranged weapons have no ammo and take a round to manifest d4 ammo. Has to use manifested ammo, other won't fit in the chamber. The weapon incorporates Hime's signet in some way.

1 Black and gold flor-de-lis 6 A one-winged warrior-angel
2 She-Lion on a field of gore 7 A many-armed goddess
3 Inverted crown, dripping blood 8 An ominous fox mask
4 Finger strung on a necklace 9 A black lotus
5 A grinning skull with jeweled pate 10 A ruined tower and the moon

1 Dagger (can be thrown) 6 Flail
2 Mace 7 Brass Knuckles
3 Short Sword 8 Handgun
4 Long Sword 9 Spear/lance
5 Zweihander 10 Machine Gun

Hime Advancement
roll advancement
01-40 +1 Attacks
41-60 +1 Saves
61-80 Hime's Heart is Complex. Additional heart form (roll on table) or +d4 ammo when manifesting ammo; re-roll: another form, bonus to ammo or just re-roll on this table instead.
81-85 Hime's Mantle. +1 Defense. Re-roll: in addition to bonus, fight in thematically appropriate clothing as if it was one rank tougher (unarmored is now as leather, leather as chain, chain as plate – maxes out at plate); second re-roll, can improve increase in armor rank or re-roll on this table instead.
86-90 Hime's Crown. Bonus of 2 on NPC reaction rolls. On re-roll: Can recruit a 0 level NPC as a knight – making them a random level 1 on the spot. Subsequent re-rolls allow more knights or you can just re-roll on this table. Knights are always morale 10, 8 if Hime falls in their sight.
91-95 Hime's Will. 1/session roll 2d20 when making a save to avoid death, fear affects, mind control or unconsciousness. On each re-roll, add a use/session or an additional d20 or just re-roll on this table.
96 Imperious Commands. 1/session can force a Charisma check at a penalty of two, without really talking, arguing negotiating. You tell them to do something and either they do it or they don't. On re-roll, improve the penalty by one, max +2 bonus or just re-roll on this table.
97 Restorative Touch. 1/session cure light wounds; subsequent re-rolls add uses up to 4. Or just re-roll on this table. Or Destructive Touch.
98 Aura of Authority. +1 Morale for all allies in sight (or hearing) of Hime OR -1 Morale for all enemies in sight (or hearing) of Hime; re-roll, increase or get bonus or penalty; max +2/-2 or re-roll on this table.
99 Aura of Protection. +1 Defense for you and all nearby allies; re-roll, add another bonus point, max +3 or re-roll on this table.
00 Aura of Restoration. When you or an ally w/in 60' of you rolls a die to heal, increased the size of one of the die by one. Re-roll, increase the die size again or # of die increased by one or keep re-rolling.
You can swap out any advancement for +1 TD Endurance and any roll 81+ for +1 Attacks or Saves or TD Endurance


attributions: Heon-Hwa ChoeRafael Burgos

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