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Trollworld city encounters - D&D wandering encounters or something


here are some things that happen in trollworld. No die value assigned as I need to suss that out still. City encounters and stuff. You roll 1 to 3 times (or more), as needed. To be followed by a few post with more trollworld stuff, like drugs, new classes, spells, etc. Additions welcomed/requested/desired.

Person(s) Doing/Something about them related place or thing
sweet looking old grandma or gramps out partying (at night) or on the way to an errand (day) black market. come here outrageously armed if you want to leave. Otherwise, shop at the back-rooms of your nearby bar, grocery-chan, internet cafe or beer joint for illicit goods.
thug in jacket and tight jeans Rummaging through garbage/junkpile/rubble squatter's den, smells awful, but they're super nice (to your face) and can make cool stuff out of nothing. Moves all over the place, hate the cops, will sell your shit and your organs if you sleep here. They're not that nice. Everybody's got to eat.
gang member in colors shooting up/smoking/getting high seedy bar with sputtering neon sign and some dude passed out in heels and a bomber jacket with a giant pill emblem on the back
delinquents in cut up uniforms, too short skirts with drugs that turn them into frankensteins Spoiling for a fight strangely abandoned alley/back road, there's totally not a green furred Troll hiding in a trash can or else a bunch of trashkids hiding in the rubbish. Or a busted up mechdrone under a bunch of debris.
schoolkids in uniforms (they've got weapons hidden everywhere) Looking for something: friend (missing quite some time), food, a drink, cigarettes or other illicit fun, a secret club, a way across the wall to find some rumored item of power to bring a dead friend back to life internet cafe, jumble of wires, monitors, lots of broken electronics, smells like ozone and body odor. Under your desk is: old french fries, a usb full of ancient gif-porn, a vhs of a family party with some secret import (where can you even find a vhs player???), or a bomb. Seriously, someone is always blowing up these cafes and it's totally not a crypto-fascist far-right group in cahoots with one of the high-ups on the city council.
salaryworkers in humble suits willing to sell some weapons a squat, concrete public school building with potholed track course, razorwire and glass on the fences and the PERSONAL ATHLETICS TEAM keeping constant vigilence with power rods and rat masks on.
idol/starlet (50% chance she knows a kewtieloli or decoro mage) willing to sell some armor this place sells amazing trollwiches (whiches?) that may contain some human meat. It happens. Anyway, politicians and celebrities come her for photo-ops and to get their picture on the wall.

lost merchant, hugging wares close or swaggering and acting way too tough need a cure for advanced rad poisoning ramen joint (it's either really good and run by some old guy or its part of some chain and has crappy, gloopy noodles or stale sauce)
shady merchant, skulking looks like they've been tortured shop selling tapes and records. They sell popguns in the back.
decoro punk, loitering or something they're dead or dying okonomiyaki stand with a bunch of drunk dudes chilling and eating pancakes rolled up into tubes. Lots of blowing on hot fingers and hot-potatoing the pancakes.
Kewtieloli and entourage of at least 1 they've been robbed Sake and beer store with a long-ass line. Nearly as long as the line at the grocery store.
decoro fashion mage, playing with his/her makeup or appliques or soemthing they've been assaulted and are fleeing their assailants 1 hp each, at most Grocery-chan, the locally-sourced, factory-made, robot-grown, corporate-owned grocery store. When your city state is surrounded on all sides by monsters, everything is locally sourced!
trollomancer, doing their best to not know you they've got useful information (if you can get it out of them re-roll rumors +10) Mooring station for an ad-blimps. Tech-types and suits hang about. Someone wants you to be in a commercial (this probably involves product placement and a televised fight to the death. Survivor gets a stipend or years supply of their product, hope you like diapers).
local police numbering at least 5, shaking someone down they're secret members of a torture cult and they're looking for someone you know Prostitutes all over, just laying around, taking naps, getting high. They're not on the clock though and don't have to be (won't be) nice to anyone that's less than VERYpolite.
riot force of at least 20, making arrests and summary judgments needs something rare, expensive and at least borderline illegal for some super weapon/armor/device EVERYTHING IS KATSU. It's just so good.
mech/mech pilot on its way to/or from the wall, they'll say has to deliver something extremely valuable/important/powerful. Probably contraband. Traveling decoro slowshops. High demon ZAKSSSS? sells neon-colored appliques, clothes and makeup off the back of a glittering fashion tortoise. He keeps all your money in a KEWTIEKAT (tm) lunchbox. The tortoise has speakers somehwere and is always blasting Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Candy candy – like the ice cream man, you know when he's coming). He hates this whole set up but some priest bound him to it. He'll give you incredible riches if you free him, but the decoro gangs will never forgive you.

psionic punk, staring daggers at everyone and sweating bullets selling drugs (lots and lots of pills) Part of the machine the decoro priests are using to make their fashionmonster, a bunch of dead decoro punks and someone hauling back or breaking up or repurposing the part. It probably looks like a giant lolipop or hair bow.

back alley doctor, looking for business and begs you to not tell your boss about him selling stuff that looks just like yours. They look familiar too... kind of like you. Some totally obvious nondescript – secret van full of city center/council scientists monitoring the breakdown of a nearby psionic punk
New Nova wolves in power armor, blasting Wagner, just killing a ton of “dissidents” you look just like their worst enemy/target. They'll trail you until they can call help. Some random street garbage stuff just floating there. Gets worse as you get closer. Approach and you start float too. Someone is trapped in there, about ten or 15 feet further in, flailing and begging for help, everyone has run away or is watching from a safe distance. Expect to be interrogated about this later if the council's Wolves catch you.
Troll in disguise, but it's not a very good one. Dude is super weird acting/looking. they're looking to kill (roll) and they'll pay you for help. If you take the job or not, someone shows interest in you. (30% 5d4 police, 20% its d3 NNWolves; 40% it's some local punks/gang, 5% decoro mage, 5% kewtielol) street geisha playing shamisen and shakuhachi. It's super sad. They've got swords hidden in their instruments and they know the location of a backdoor out of the city and they've also got a grudge against Dr. Guro.
scientists in lab coats They're running from their lives from (roll) Clothing store. A bunch of teens and young people in a throng, raptly staring at a mutant designer (like – rainbow-colored angel wings, eyes all over their face or hair like electricity)
sniper with rifle, probably out for a smoke or on their lunch break Re-roll twice: they say they're doing one thing, but are really doing the other (or just both have happened, whatever makes more sense in the context) Cantankerous old power distributor sending out weird vibes. Stick your tongue on an exposed wire and Save v death and, if you succeed, you get another roll on a rumor table. If you fail... you stuck your tongue on an exposed wire.
Hime with an entourage Whatever else, they're also a cyborg and their skull has a bomb in it that starts rattling whenever it gets close to the most notorious person in the party combination prep school and juvenile delinquent detention center, home of biker gangs, brutal and exhausted disciplinarians and most of the orphans from the outer districts. There are a lot of orphans. Someone, maybe a huge dude with a pomapdour, has earned their respect as the king of juvee fighters and is who runs the place.
middle management in nice suits and expensive watches. They probably drink filtered water. ordering a bunch of people around, assumes you're part of their entourage unless you say otherwise Dr. Guru meanders by in one of his many disguises, carrying a sack of parts or driving a stinking icecream truck.
Someone super uguuucutue running with toast in their mouth. They can't stop. Save v Paralysis or be knocked over/fall in love. The same three shibu inu run by, over and over again. Later, someone the looks just like one of the characters that's been on bed rest or some henchmen or beloved NPC will accuse another character of kidnapping/abuse/torture. Close inspection reveals the NPC's eyes are crazy looking and their skin and teeth are weirdly soft, their tongue, too hard, contains a hollow tube for secreting DNA. An abandoned factory, the boxes full of sentient spiders possessed of a collective intelligence. They want to sit on your head like a hat and control your brain.

attributions: something someone did to Streets of Rage, Satoshi Kon, Birdy the Mighty Decode, MARUO,  Hiroyuki Takahashi x2

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