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Troll Master

This, but slowly rotting

Gotta catch 'em all (another Trollworld Class)
Threat Die roll a d4 for damage and Endurance after creation
Saves on a 16+
Mostly just a civilian can wear any mundane light armor and use any mundane simple melee weapon without penalty in human form
It Ain't Hard gains a new level every 1,250 XP
Summon Deck (see below advancement chart and starting stuff)
Summoner You can have 3 summons on your Deck at a time. Summoning requires detaching the Guro-Ball, throwing it at the desired area. The Summon can act your next round in lieu of one of your actions (you have to order the summon what to do, it has to be able to hear you or else they just stand around, looking bored and slowly decomposing).
Not Too Bad at level up can roll two times, split between the Troll Master and Rogue advancement tables
I Got You Trollkachoo +2 to all Saves for you and Summon while the Summon is out and conscious

Locked you need to earn Professor Guro's trust or steal and figure out how to use a Summon Deck before you can use.

at creation
roll a d4, d6 and d8 and see A. and B. below

A. one roll is your starting Endurance (pick from the three rolls and discard that die)

B. two rolls determine your Starting Summon and its ability (attribute the two remaining rolls to the Starting Summon & Ability table)
The Summon Deck is a piece of electronics about the size of a loaf of bread. It clips to a belt, could be carried in a purse or bag or strapped to the side of a backpack. On it are three Guro-Balls, Troll containment Devices.
Some Stuff: Guro-Balls are crazy expensive as Prof. Guro stopped making them in favor of the Trollomancer Program, and each can only hold 1 Summon. Decks can normally only hold 3 Guro-Balls. To capture a Troll, throw a Guro-Ball at its feat. If the Troll has less than ¼ of its Endurance left, it may be weak enough to be trapped in the ball, roll a d20 over its remaining Endurance. If you succeed, it's trapped, if not, it failed and your ball has to be retrieved and reset (resetting doesn't use up an action, though). Summons are digitized and their minds broken by the Summon Deck, they become your obedient servants – because they're Undead now, they take extra damage from holy stuff (or however Undead work in your game) and only make Bravery/Morale checks if your level is lower than theirs (and then they make it as normal and when summoned and at a penalty equal to the disparity between your level and their HD). Treat your Summons as henchmen as far as XP goes – split it evenly but they only earn half of their split. On level up, they can do one of their abilities again or pick up/improve their alternate ability. They use a d6 as a TD, your bonus to Attacks and Saves unless otherwise mentioned (captured Summons use whatever TD they would have used in life). Summons heal while resting in their deck for about 8 hours.

Starting Summon and its ability
roll Summon Ability (choose one)
1 Spider Guy 1/session web or Surprises on a 4 in 6
2 Flower Fairy 1/session cure light wounds or light
3 Rock Lobster 1/session can “hide” in stone for up to a turn by using a full round to burrow into surrounding rock or can pin an enemy to the ground on a failed Save v Stone w/a bonus of 2 for each size increment greater than small
4 Giant Centipede 1/session they can deliver a poisonous bite, Save v Stone or paralyzed for d4 rounds or they can hide in moist ground, surprising on a 4 in 6
5 Two-tailed Ferret 1/session can create an illusory clone of itself (deals no damage and disappears when struck) or find secret doors in a 4 in 6 when it spends a turn looking
6 Smog Raven Flies, d4 TD, 1/session exude a horrid cloud roughly 5'x5', causing anyone within to Save v Choking or spend d6 rounds incapacitating, gasping OR can cause darkness in a 20'x20' area
7 Cokeboy d8 TD, 1/session can ignite itself, dealing its TD to itself and anyone in melee range of it OR it spoil food and drink
8 Fire Goblin d4 TD, 1/session can deal it's damage in a mini fireball (it takes half damage as the fireball involves throwing its essence at something) – as fireball but half damage and half sized OR1/session can ignore its TD in heat or electrical damage (both powers can't be used simultaneously – each takes a separate round of prep)

Troll Master Advancement
roll advancement
01-20 +1 Attacks
21-50 +1 Saves
51-70 +1 TD
71-80 Mind of a Master. +1 to Cha checks when dealing with your Summons and other henchmen-types (not necessarily your henchmen), max +3, or re-roll on this table.
81-90 Nega-Deck. 1/session a Summons gain back d4 of their Endurance whenever they're returned to the deck (on a re-roll, increase the gain by one until the max possible roll equals the next largest die [ie, a d12+8->d20, a d4+2->d6]) or increase the # of uses or re-roll.
91-95 All God's Creatures. Watching your Summons decay in front of you has given you considerable anatomical knowledge, gain a bonus of 2 to a backstab-like attack or to any save/check involving surgery, first aid or triage on another living thing). +1 or pick the other version on a re-roll (max +4/+4)
96-97 Forceful. You only risk having a Summon “break” if your level is 2 below its HD (on a re-roll, increase by 1, max 4) or re-roll.
98-99 Good Teacher. Every other session, one of your used Summons gains the full amount of XP it leeched. Further rolls increases the number of Summons affected.
00 Extra Ball. You've jury-rigged your deck to take an extra Summon (max 2) or re-roll on this table.
You can swap out any advancement for +1 TD Endurance and any roll 91+ for +1 Attacks or Saves or TD Endurance


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