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Things you find in Trollworld ("Magic Items," Reaction rolls Drugs)

More trollworld stuff. Here are the original encounters. Sometimes the rolled reaction on that table feels a bit off, so there is the below instead, using the LL/B/X reaction roll as its basis.

Unless otherwise specified, the NPC wants...
(roll 3d6 & d20; 2 of the d6 are used for the reaction roll; condition escalates on an “unfriendly” or otherwise hostile NPC reaction; if you choose the “escalate to the below” you can pick from the next entries escalation options - try to only do it once and only when the existing options feel stale, but it should work barring you work your way through the whole thing)
(in a bad part of town)
NPC... (d20)
details (d6, if necessary)
needs directions but seems otherwise OK
to somewhere nearby, but the path is dangerous (might see their corpses later)
is really a post for a pickpocket OR is a pickpocket OR escalate to the below
to somewhere in another district, through checkpoints (might see them on the news later)
to somewhere secret/hidden
asks for spare change, has palsy or seems freaked out by something/on the lookout
7 less this number of people in torn jeans and puffy jackets and plastic sunglasses unless otherwise specified
if less than 4, one is a leader with a d8 TD, if 1, d8 TD and +1 level/HD
protagonist casing you to mug you once it gets dark [if dark, about to mug you] OR pickpockets OR escalate to the below

asks for/ is selling food, looks nauseated, weird, wide eyes*
food for the whole family (week's rations, if selling, is irradiated)
gang of hungry punks will jump you when you're rummaging through your pack OR any food you have a day later is covered in strange, toxic fungus OR escalate to the below
just something to tide you/them over (day's rations)

needs/is selling troll meat, raw for 2-3 large coin; if selling, will tell you it's beef or calamari (depending on source)
asks for/is selling drugs, alcohol, cigarette, or other controlled substance*
if buying, they can only pay in IOUs payable by a local gang lord, if selling, it's toxic (Save v Toxicity or lose a TD of endurance until you get it out of you; hell mode – reduced to bloodied Endurance until you get it out of you)
NARC working for the Wolves OR protagonist working for the Black Market, is protected OR escalate to the below
is currently high on Ghoolies and will use that to affect (is super interested in you getting high with him right now)

50/50: pays double, sells for half but will come to collect it later when you're passed out OR pops a Tetsuo as soon as you bring out your wallet. Look out.
asks for medical attention or is selling med bots/patches*
is woozy, sick looking, pale, rings around eyes
dies in d4 rounds, horribly, loudly OR dies in d4 rounds, horribly, birthing wandering monsters from a wandering monster table, in the Wilderness number (yeah, that many) OR med bot it has or is used on it explodes for 2d6 burst damage OR escalate to the below
Throat is black and/or eyes red (Ghoolies OD – something a med bot won't fix)

Blood-splattered lab coat, maybe be missing hand (if needs attention)
asks for/is selling troll parts*
d6 pounds of troll meat, triple price
NARC OR Troll in disguise, looking to entice you and eat you OR escalate to the below
d10 pounds of troll meat, double price

whole specimen (goblin, orc or kobold)
needs/is selling weapons or armor*
needs/is selling cheap stuff, low tech and lots of it or just one military-restricted weapon (bombs, firearms, lasers)
NARC with Wolf backup OR Market Operative with Kewtieloli in tow OR escalate to the below
needs/is selling

Selling/Looking for something rare/ornate and super expensive, hard to find. You'd need to steal something like this to get it and whoever had it probably is looking for it.
needs escort/protection*
wounded man or woman, clutching child
Nobody, but needs to get out of town quick (Wolves show up in d2 turns) OR fleeing Experiment (Experiment claims the NPC has wronged it or wants to eat it) OR escalate to the below
runaway from Sex-domo in ruined clothes, bruised

walking bomb, is super frantic and may explode at the start of any combat encounter as if a fireball cast by a M-U of a level equal to the highest enemy HD (max 7). Bomb can be extracted, killing the bomber. They have no idea where they got these surgical scars, they just know they HAVE TO GET TO THE POLICE STATION.
your money or your life
clearly strung out
There are d10 of them OR d6 and a leader with +1 TD Endurance and +1 Attacks OR escalate to the below
gore stuck in their teeth, likely a cannibal gang or decoro punk

rich kids, slumming it (50% chance they'll kill you no matter what, for fun)
needs contraband
promises to serve party as henchmen if they can get what they need
Will try to kill the party the first chance they get OR is sincere but human bomb, programmed to blow once they get the item OR escalate to 1
as above, slits palm and swears obedience

Will hire the party and pay twice its street value as long as word doesn't get out
Add a second NPC roll to the mix, and re-roll here once again (20s are now 19s).
*don't feel like choosing? Evens are needs, odds is selling

The below assumes 1- or 0-level
Trollworld Citizen
d4 TD, Def 10, Saves 18, 120', d2 loot (d4 loot if wageslave)

d4 TD, Def 10, Saves 18, 120', 1 of: 3/6 Science or 4/6 Tech or 3/6 Chemistry, d2 loot

d6 TD, Def 12, Saves 16, 120', 2/6 Stealth, Backstab (+2 to hit from stealth, critical strike on hit), Pistol (NARC only), d4 loot, advances as Rogue

d4 TD, Def 10, Saves 18, 120', d3+1/6 Pickpocket, 2d2 loot

d6 TD, Def 15, Saves 16, 120', Backstab and 1 advancement from Kewtieloli advancement table, d6 loot

Market Operative
d8 TD, Def 18, Saves 14, 120', +1 Attacks, Lamellar Hi-Impact Armor under kimono, 1 of some kind of contraband drug, Walkie-Talkie, d8 Loot

New Nova Wolves
d8 TD, Def 16, Saves 16, 120', 2 advances from Fighter Advancement table, Walkie-Talkie, Pistols, 2d2 loot, pack travels in groups of 2d6

New Nova Alpha
d8 TD, Def 16, Saves 14, 120', 6 advances from Fighter Advancemnt table, Walkie-Talkie, Sat-Phone, Pistol with scope (+1 Attacks when holding attack), Security Codes, d6 loot

d4 TD, Def 12, Saves 16, 120', treat as Trollomancer with 2 advances, is naked or clothed in rags

Troll meat
Random monster parts contraband. Save v Toxicity when eating or lose d4 Endurance. Fail by 4 or more and decrease your TD by 1 size. Hell Mode – immediately re-roll Endurance.

(Romaji: s-peach-u). tech/fruit/troll hybrid contraband. Eat it and hold the pit under your tongue; you can then speak one sentence and anyone listening can understand you. You have to say, “comma” or the like or the momomo won't understand and to end the effect, spit out the pit (period).

Good food
Any food that's not rations and doesn't come in a can, wrapper, etc. Any of the food joints other than Grocery-Chan sell probably awesome food (costs 2-4 times as much). If it is awesome, +1 TD when you sleep and roll to restore Endurance tonight. OR +2 on your next save v death (“you need to try it one more time”).

Pill from ground Troll teeth, contraband. Upon consumption, you gain 1 of the following (d6): 1-2: double Endurance for a turn/Round, lost End is halved at end, 3-4: can ignore 1 save for a turn/round, 5-6: can automatically crit on first hit; and also 1 of (d6): 1-2: terrified of fire (automatic Morale check at -4), 3-4: hates flowers (berserk beeline for one to stamp it out, throwing anyone in the way aside, ignoring all danger), 5-6: cannot speak or understand speech. When taking more than 1, roll Save v Toxicity – number taken in the last 24 hours or gain all affects, penalties and go NPC for a full turn/10 rounds. Hell mode – transformation is permanent unless you can make a successful save v Toxicity at no penalty at the end of the session/start of next.

A whole cocktail of pills in a pill bottle, to be swallowed at once, really, really illegal contraband. Save v Toxicity. You can do your TD in burst 1xthe margin of save as force damage. Save v Mind-control +2. If you fail your Save v Toxicity, you've got d4 round to swallow a bunch of Kaneda (Esper neutralizing drugs) or start blasting any living thing in sight until the end of the session (at which point the drugs wear off).

Powdered shard of necromantic power, cooked and injected, super illegal magical contraband. Site of injection turns hard, red, almost like a ruby. When alone, you'll be visited by a strange child of the opposite gender with teeth lacquered black. The child asks you about your dreams and fears. Whenever you fail a save that would leave you dead, you can draw instead on the power the child offers and re-roll the Save, +2. On a failure, you die and return as a ghoul. On a success, you are miraculously alive, gain Saves v Demons -2d4. On each subsequent re-roll made in this manner, the bonus to the re-roll is increased again by two and the penalty decreased by 2d6. When your Save v Demons falls to 1 or less, something bad probably happens.

Holy worms, religious contraband that looks similar to heart worms (writhing, pale, mesh). When applied to the skin, grants 1 Magic-User spell of the first complexity and Saves v Toxicity -2. Larger portions increase spell complexity and penalty to toxicity. Penalty disappears at the end of the session in which the spell is cast.

Sugared undead skin jerky, religious contraband. First living thing you touch other than yourself is paralyzed. Save v Necrosis or you suffer from an OD. OD's come in three stages: failed save: throat turns black – conspicuous, but that's it; save failed by 3 or more: eyes bleed, turn bright red, make another immediate save or die and come back as ghoul.

Projectile weapon. Military only. Range as crossbow. TD damage, on a hit, damages mundane armor (reduces AC by 2, AC reduced to no bonus is destroyed)

Laser Rifle
Beam weapon. Military only. Range as long bow. Requires battery pack, uses 3 charges a shot, hits multiple enemies in cluster.

Battery Pack

Must be carried in lieu of a backpack. 9 charges. Takes an hour and a good power source to restore 1 charge (grotty power sources require a Save v Electricity for each charge or the thing shorts and you lose all charges [on a 1, the pack is fried])

More later

attributions: Akira, , Kiwi-RGB

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