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Originally here, now modified after playtesting.
Threat Die roll a d4 for damage and Endurance after creation
Saves on a 16+
This Isn't Who You Really Are can wear any mundane light armor and use any mundane simple weapon without penalty in human form; trolls gain no benefit from armor and cannot hold weapons
Complicated Stuff gains a new level every 3,000 XP
Trollform (see below advancement chart and starting stuff)
Trollcrits +1 Damage while in troll form, critical hits cause horrendous damage, reducing the target to 1 TD Endurance
Troll Immune System when in Troll forms + 2xlevel in temporary Endurance
Two Forms at level up can roll two times, split between the the Trollomancer, Fighter and Rogue advancement tables
Locked you need to earn Professor Guro's trust before he'll make you into a Trollomancer.

at creation
roll a d4, d6 and d8 and see A. B. and C. below

A. one roll is your starting Endurance (pick from the three rolls and discard that die)

B. one roll determines your Human and Troll Mutations (or pick one and discard the highest remaining roll)
Your legs length, your toes and fingers curl into claws, your face cracks, widens, lengthens, your mouth fills with jagged teeth, your tongue lolls like a pink, wet lamprey and your hair turns to long, spiky quills, your skin pales and bright red streaks color your face, like a bizarre, monstrous kabuki actor.
You look like a monstrous human when in troll form. The transformation into a Troll doesn't use an action, but takes a round and will damage anything you're wearing that's strapped tightly to your body (wear baggy clothes or high tech body suit armor). Transforming back into a human takes a turn of uninterrupted concentration.

C. one roll determines what happens when you defEat a monster (or pick one and discard the lowest remaining roll)
1/session you can spend a turn devouring an enemy. You can only have three named monsters on your character sheet. When you level up, tell the GM the monster names and the GM will randomly award you a new mutation based on the characteristics of that monster. You can “stack” the deck by defEating multiple monsters of the same type. Once you've gained the new mutation, erase all the named monsters.


roll “Human” Mutation & corresponding troll mutation
1 can move one eye independent of the other bug-eyed/stalk eyed; +1 v surprise OR 1 to surprise
2 rough skin/mild eczema scales erupt from your skin hard, or your skin bubbles and forms hard keloids; +1 AC OR +2 Saves v fire, death
3 unsettlingly wide mouth can unhinge massive jaw when feeding; can swallow something 20% of your size OR you can swallow something a little larger than normal but regurgitate it again
4 persistently clammy palms, feet and brow exude a slimy mucus from your pores; 1/session, dump this fluid from your system rapidly, in a round and treat as web OR grease. You feel super sick afterward.
5 can re-arrange body hair as suits you hair/quills grow quite long and sprout from arms, back and legs; quills now deal +1 in damage OR can be launched as thrown weapons
6 very long/snouty nose wet, snotty proboscis; can try to smell distant/concealed things (2 in 6) (improves at a rate of 1 in 6) OR can snort up something small size and it's stuck in a nostril after d3 rounds of inhaling from 30' away (increase item size, range by 5' decrease time or increase # items per advancement)
7 Hyperextended joints, long limbs your bones are more flexible/your skeletal system more cartilaginous; can contort your body to fit a space 20% smaller than you (as reduce) OR +2 Saves v stone, paralysis, crushing deaths
8 Everything is staticy around you – clothes, radios, hair, etc Your body is covered in burns and crackles with electricity, +2 Saves v electricity OR can ignore d4 of electrical or fire damage (increase damage ignore by 1 until the max possible roll equals the next largest die size (ie d4+2 = d6), after which, switch to that larger die +1)

when defEating
roll effect roll effect
1 shining blue butterflies appear 5 nearby lightbulb filaments flicker and fail
2 everything but your digestive and circulatory system become translucent 6 green lights revolve about your head
3 the whole area stinks of fruit (orange peel, lemon, yuzu, fake cherry/medicine) 7 you look just like you did when you were a child
4 electricity arcs from you body (no mechanical effect other than being loud and bright), highlander style 8 during your meal and for the remainder of the day, your troll form appears the same as your human, albeit beautiful

Trollomancer Advancement
roll advancement
01-30 +1 Attacks
31-50 +1 Saves
51-60 +1 AC
61-70 gain 1+1 TD
71-75 Split Mind. Half your mind is asleep, half awake. -1 to Int and Wis checks but only need to sleep if you fail a Save v death OR +2 Saves v mind-controls, sleeps, charms, psionics, illusions, whatever. On a re-roll, decrease penalty to Int or Wis or increase save. Max is +1Int, Wis and +6 Saves. Afterward, re-roll on this table.
76-85 Progressive Mutations. Pick a current mutation. It becomes more profound. Increase its affects. If you've maxed out your mutations, re-roll on this table.
86-90 Good Eater. +2 Saves v Poison; on a re-roll, increase bonus by 2 until 10, after which time you can eat garbage, toxic waste, metal, plastic, Styrofoam, radioactive material, etc. Afterward, re-roll.
91-93 Trollkids. Cross out one of the defEated monsters named on your character sheet and create a d6 TD minion with a random characteristic of that monster, totally obedient to you. Requires a turn, is painful and is catalyzed by dumping water on your back (the kid buds off your back).
94-96 Spit. 1/session empty the ruinous contents of your stomach in a your levelx2' long, x1' wide cone. Counts as an attack against all creatures in area, save v breath for half damage. On a re-roll add a use or re-roll on this table
97-00 Pheromones. +1 on reaction rolls with monstrous NPCs, -1 on reaction rolls with humans, mundane animals. Increases +1/-1 on each re-roll, max +3/-3. Final re-roll: 1/session charm monster.
You can swap out any advancement for +1 TD Endurance and any roll 91+ for +1 Attacks or Saves or TD Endurance

attributions: ,Xi Zhang , , Go Nagai, Po-Wen

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