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Randomized Fighters for hacked B/X

Fighter class for hacked B/X and Trollworld

Threat Die roll a d8 for damage and Endurance after creation
Saves on a 16+
Adventurer can wear any mundane armor and use any mundane weapon without penalty
Average Learner gains a new level every 2,000 XP
Guts & Glory (see below)
Multiclass at level up can roll two times, split between any advancement tables for classes which you've currently unlocked
Locked subclasses/variants includes the Hime and Archer.

at creation
roll a d6, d8, d10 and d12 and see A. B. C. and D. below

A. the d6 determines your Glory. Write down this number. Whenever you fail a Guts save (see below), add this to your current Endurance. If it's above your current max, it's added as temporary Endurance. If you are unconscious due to lack of Endurance and this increases your total Endurance past 0, then you can get up.

B. one roll is your starting Endurance (pick from the three rolls and discard that die; you can also discard the highest roll and take a “six” as your starting Endurance)

C. one roll determines your Guts(or just pick and discard the lowest die roll)
You've been scarred somewhere. This roll determines where/what the scar looks like. 1/session, you can re-roll a failed Save v Death or Poisons (choose which).

D. one roll determines Might Feat (or just pick and discard the highest die roll)

Scars (Guts)
1 Poorly healed broken bone gives you an ugly, lumpy forearm or leg 7 Lips all scarred and raggedy
2 Missing d6 teeth in obvious places 8 Nose broken a few times
3 Half-blind in one eye, missing corresponding eyebrow 9 Ritual scarification on neck
4 Cheshire Grin 10 Missing middle finger
5 Missing part of nose 11 Cool scar, across nose and cheeks, under eyes
6 Missing ear 12 Cool scar down side of face, over eye (gap in eyebrow)

Mighty Feats (all 1/session unless otherwise noted)
Rise Again. the round after you've been killed, and so long as your body is in OK shape, you crawl back from oblivion with 1 Endurance and 1 Wound.
Leap. 1/ combat, leap up to your thrown weapon range as your move action. This will likely surprise your enemies.

Revenge. when a creature damages you, you get a free attack against a nearby enemy or target immediately following the attack (interrupts everything else)
Lean In. You can throw your shoulder into it and bash down and otherwise locked or stuck door, can push something extremely heavy (moving as if encumbered) or can pry open a locked chest (likely sets off any traps) without making a check or save.

Rampage. After killing something, get a free strike against another nearby enemy or target immediately following your killing blow at -2 attacks. (Can be done more than once, the penalty is cumulative on successive rampage strikes).
Mighty Throw. 1/ combat you can throw something enormous (something you couldn't necessarily lift otherwise) at a target, dealing an extra die of damage (at least - if it's huge and the target is tiny, may kill it outright)
Furious Choke. On an attack, you can try and single-mindedly choke something with a neck (neck must be small enough you can actually choke). Doesn't impair your defense or saves. Forces the victim to make saves each round or the victim passes out. A really bad roll on the save means they've choked to death or you snapped their spine or ruined their windpipe and they're dead.
Flesh Wound. you can ignore the mechanical effect of a Wound. You've still suffered the physical damage and will have scars but you don't die automatically if you take a second one, etc.
Double Fisted. Attack with two weapons at once (can use fist, shield). Roll both attacks. If either succeeds, roll an extra TD for damage. If either is a critical success, target is killed outright. If either is a critical failure, it counts as two critical failures.
Weapon Nut. After a Turn of practice you can make a check to figure out how to use any weird, strange weapon without penalty. Can also be used to make kludge repairs to weapons in lieu of doing so in camp or to jury rig some weird new weapon (sword on the end of a whip).
Sword Swallower. You can keep an extra weapon, rapier, whip or something similar shaped, in your gut. Avoid strong magnets and try to sit down gently. (takes d3 rounds do draw and sheathe, but not session limit)
12 Armor Nut. After a Turn of inspection/trying on armor, you can make a check to figure out how to use any weird, strange armor without penalty. Can also be used to make kludge repairs to armor in lieu of doing so in camp or to jury rig some weird new armor or armor-like device (shield from giant turtle shell). Or pick 12.

Fighter Advancement
roll advancement
01-20 +1 Attacks
21-40 +1 Saves
41-60 +1 TD Endurance
61-65 Tough as Fuck. +1 Defense. Re-roll: increase bonus by 1, max +4.
66-70 Glorious. Gain Guts. If already had, gain Glory (roll d6 for starting glory). If already had, can choose another category of Saves to which Guts applies and get 1/session or increase current uses of a Guts Save by 2 (max 3). Can gain bonus of 2 to any maxed out Guts Save (bonus applies only to re-roll). Whenever you roll this, you can also choose to re-roll your Glory using your current TD – keep the roll if larger. Or re-roll if you've rolled this at least once before.
71-75 Gutsy Bastard. Gain Guts. If already had, gain Glory (roll d6 for starting glory). Afterward, whenever you fail a Guts Save, you can choose to split your Glory between your next attack and damage rolls (next round only) instead of increasing your Endurance. Adds an additional +1 to damage or attack rolls on a re-roll, with the current maximum being your current bonus to attacks for the one and the highest possible roll on your TD for the other, after that, re-roll.
76-80 Triage. You're well versed enough in anatomy that you can help anyone performing field medicine in lieu of attacking this round. Add +1 to the victims Save. On a re-roll, increase bonus by 1 (max 4). Can also be used to try to diagnose diseases common to soldiering, whoring or the like.
81-85 Scavenger. +2 when hunting through a battlefield for cool kit or necessary supplies OR when scrounging around the wilderness for food. On a Re-roll, increase by 1 or choose alternate ability. Max bonuses for each is equal to your Glory. After max, re-roll.
86-90 Battlefield Presence. You can rally one allied NPC that just failed their Morale check (they re-roll at +2 or so) OR you can force an NPC to make a Morale check, if possible (describe how). On a re-roll choose alternate ability and then, on subsequent re-rolls increase the bonus/penalty by one to a max of +3/-2. Afterward, re-roll.
91-93 Henchmen. Next time you're in town you get a free NPC tag-along. d12 determines nature of NPC: 1-3 urchin linkboy with a lantern and dagger, 4-5 squire of dubious heritage with sham livery, d4 large coin, adventuring gear and short sword, 6-7 Street Thug with club and 4 throwing knives and underworld connections, 8-9 psychopath with too many daggers and weird trinkets, 10 mutant with (pick: acid spit, third eye [all around vision for 60'] or tentacle arms [can bear hug as a bear]), 11 hime (she thinks you're her knight/manservant), 12 level 1 Rogue (treat as a regular Henchman) with outstanding obligations (Han Solo and all that). Like other Henchmen, takes half a share of XP but only gains a level at half rate.
94 Weaponmaster. Choose a weapon keyword. When using a weapon with that keyword, roll a d4 and apply that as a bonus to either attacks or damage (choose before either roll). On a re-roll, increase the die by one size, up to d20. Can choose for multiple keywords on a re-roll, but take only the highest bonus die.
95 Bulk Up. If your TD is a d8, increase your size to Large, if it's at least a d10, increase it to Huge (max Huge/d10). If it's too low, re-roll on this table. After the max, re-roll.
96 Impressive/Terrifying Physique. Outside of combat, leverage your body when interacting with others. Add your a die three sizes smaller than your TD to your charisma when interacting with NPCs. On a re-roll, increase the die size (max your current TD). After the max, re-roll.
97 Blood in your eyes. 1/encounter, when bloodied, restore your Endurance to full or blind a nearby creature by whipping blood in their eyes. On a re-roll, increase number of uses (max 2) and number blinded (from 1 to d4+1, to d6+1). After, re-roll.

98 In Good Shape. 1/encounter, gain a free movement action.
99 Shake it Off. Cumulative +2 Save v Mind-Controlling or movement impairing effects, cumulative, up to +8, after which, re-roll.
00 Feats. Roll a d12 and take this feat (if you re-roll an already earned feat, re-roll this advancement roll).
*You can swap out any advancement for +1 TD Endurance and any roll 81+ for +1 Attacks or Saves or TD Endurance
*FIGHTERS ONLY: You can swap out both rolls and, as long as one is 81+, earn all three bonuses.

attributions: Yong-Sik Jung, , Jake Wyatt, portrait of Yukio Mishima (can't find photog credits), Heon-Hwa Choe.

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